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an antique brooch with flowers and pearls on the side, in a purple velvet case
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Best 25 Beautiful butterfly pictures
an elaborately decorated martini glass with pearls and jewels on it's side, in a black frame
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Black tie....martini art on canvas..
Upcycled Crafts
How To Make A Beautiful DIY Vintage Jewelry Tree
a white frame holding a silver brooch with pearls and bows on the front, sitting on a table
Flower Bouquet Jewelry Art Shabby Chic Ornate Victorian White | Etsy
two brooches are sitting next to each other on a black surface with flowers
A Mother's Love
a silver frame with flowers and butterflies in it
a green and gold decorated martini glass on a black background with pearls, beads, and stars
Art Creations by CJ | Home
a bouquet of brooches and pearls in a gold frame on a black background
Fashion Vintage & Antique Collections & Lots with Vintage for sale | eBay
Antique Vintage Costume Jewelry Christmas Tree Framed Art Flower Bouquet Wedding
Heart, Bracelets, Costumes, Charm Bracelet, Make A Donation, Costume
DIY: Jeweled Heart on Canvas
Wear a Brooch as a Bracelet in a Flash!
Wear a Brooch as a Bracelet in a Flash!
an elaborate green and gold brooch with jewels on it's side, in the shape of a triangle