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a teddy bear and baby's bottle with the words new moms do not want these baby shower gifts
DON'T Buy These Items For A New Mom
Baby shower gifts should always be appreciated. However, it is important to think about the new mom and dad when picking out the perfect shower gift.
a green turtle made out of different items
60 Simple & Cute Things Or Gifts You Can DIY For A Baby 2022
a person holding up a stuffed animal with colorful hair clips on it's head
10 DIY gift ideas for girls
make ribbon toys for babies that are cute and easy to sew with the help of your own hands
Sunshine for babies - handmade baby toys | So Sew Easy
an image of a baby bottle with the words unexpected baby shower gifts nobody thinks of
Unique Baby Shower Gifts For Mom To Be
Looking for some unique baby shower gifts for mom or baby? This list has baby shower gift ideas that no one thinks of! These creative baby shower gifts are the things you won't find on the registry because moms don't know they need them yet. Bonus, they're gender neutral baby shower gifts too so they work for boys or girls. the best baby shower presents for mom that are unique. practical baby shower gifts. useful baby shower gifts. best baby shower gifts 2021. baby essentials. newborn must haves
an owl stuffed animal with a bow on it's head
Corujinha Baby
an owl stuffed animal sitting on top of a white and yellow polka dot covered surface
Aurilene Azevedo
Coruja by Borboletas de Feltro - Aurilene Azevedo, via Flickr
an owl stuffed animal with purple and white checkered leggings sitting on a white surface
Corujinha Baby
the best and easier burp rags you will ever sew are in this post
The Easiest (and Best) Burp Rags You Will Ever Sew
The Easiest (and Best) Burp Rag You Will Ever Sew: This really is the easiest tutorial for a burp rag you could make! Only three steps, and they are the best burp rags!! Great for easy baby gifts, too.
a blue and yellow square with numbers on it
The Perfect Baby Gift
several folded sheets with the words how to make the receiving blanket in under 3 minutes
How to Make the Perfect Receiving Blanket in Under 3 Minutes
These DIY Receiving Blankets are great quality and the perfect size!
two baby blankets are sitting on top of a chair
Easy Baby Quilt from Receiving Blankets - Cutesy Crafts