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a facebook post with an image of a jar full of food
Instant air freshener for your car. Only works in warm weather though. Lol
a bottle of gain next to a container of liquid on a computer desk with the caption'get some gai scent from the store, sprayer from the store,
Gain fireworks + warm water. Better than Febreze!
bathroom cleaning hacks that are great for kids to use in their house and on the floor
12 Brilliant Bathroom Cleaning Hacks
12 Brilliant Bathroom Cleaning Hacks
a white toilet sitting in a bathroom next to a bath tub
12 diy fixes for your apartment? - Answers
Mix 7 cups water, 1/2 cup baking soda, 1/3 cup lemon juice and 1/4 cup vinegar. Spray the concoction onto the dirty grout, let sit, and scrub with a brush. Sparkling grout await.
a white toilet with the words how to get the pee smell out of your bathroom
9 ways to get rid of pee smell | Parenting
9 ways to get the pee smell out of your bathroom
a baseball cap and spoon sitting on top of a toilet with the words how to wash hats without running the shape
How to Hand Wash A Hat [And Not Change the Shape]
How to wash hats without ruining their shape.... This will definitely come in handy!
an older woman is cleaning the glass in front of her mirror with a yellow sponge
How to Remove Stubborn Soap Scum from Glass Shower Doors
How to Remove Soap Scum and Hard Water Stains from Shower Glass - this is an excellent post that clearly explains different water stains and how to remove them - Snap Crackle Sold
a person using a vacuum to clean carpet
1 cup of febreze 1cup oxiclean 1cup distilled vinegar fill shampooer tub with warm water. Will not only clean the carpet will deodorize
purple cleaning supplies on the floor with text that reads homemade swiffer wet jet solution plus how to get that top off?
Swiffer Wet Jet Refills – How To Save Money By Making Your Own Homemade Cleaning Solution!
How to make your own Swiffer Wet Jet solution refills - plus how to get off that top!
a yellow container filled with cleaning products on top of a white table next to other items
Fresh Citrus and Cranberry Salad
Check out these tips, direct from the cleaning experts, and you'll feel confident bringing their job home with you:
1h 25m
a washing machine with the words can you wash pillows?
Duvets and pillows
Duvets and pillows | 32 Things You Should Be Cleaning But Aren't
several different types of baking sodas and towels
77 Practical Uses For Baking Soda Around The House
Everyone should know about these 77 ways to use baking soda. Some really great ideas here!
a couch with a blue and white cleaning machine next to it
How to Clean Upholstered Furniture
How to Clean Upholstered Furniture at
a wooden floor with the words give a dull floor new life in minutes
Shine Dull Floors in Minutes - Chaotically Creative
How to shine dull floors
two pictures show the inside of a toilet with water in it and an open lid
How to Remove Hard Water Stains in Your Toilet Bowl
Hard water stains in the toilet. 1/4 cup borax, 1 cup vinegar, wait 20 mins scrub.
there are two pictures of a house plant with green leaves in it and the words how to take your house plants from dull to shiny
How to Make Your House Plants SHINE! - Beneath My Heart
how to make your house plants shine
a bottle of window cleaner sitting on the grass
Raising Up Rubies- Blog
a chalkboard with the words, how to get rid of unpleasant odors in the home
Getting Rid of Unpleasant Odors in the Home #HealthierHome - The DIY Village
How to get rid of unpleasant odors in your home #ad - The DIY Village #HealthierHome
a white plastic container sitting on top of a carpet
Homemade Carpet Deodorizer Powder Cleaner Recipe (And Many Other...
""This stuff is incredible - one cheap natural product that freshens/deodorizes carpets, but deters pests, removes stains, deodorizes garbages and cleans up urine and vomit killing the bacteria too! What a homemade recipe and incredible product to easily and quickly make to have on hand!""
a close up of a water faucet with words on it
How to Clean Orange Water Stains
Clean orange water stains easily without harsh chemicals!
homemade upholstery cleaner recipe in a jar
Homemade Upholstery Cleaner
This homemade upholstery cleaner works great to freshen up your mattresses and rugs, she shares how to get rid of fleas and dust mites too!
the words how to clean wooden blinds on a white background
I love this trick!
How to Clean Wooden Blinds by A Typical English Home
a water faucet spewing out from the side of a blue wall
32 Practical Uses For Baking Soda
To clean jets in jacuzzi tubs, fill bath to a few inches above the jets. Pour in 1-2 cups of baking soda and let it run for about 10 minutes. Drain the cruddy water, refill tub with warm water, and run jets for another 10 minutes.
four pillows stacked on top of each other with instructions for how to wash them and how to use them
The WHOot
How to machine wash pillows - I didn't know you could do this?!?!
different types of cleaning products with the words effective diy method for removing urine stains and smell
Effective DIY Method for Removing Urine Stains and Smell [Recipe]
Effective DIY Method for Removing Urine Stains and Smell {Recipe}
a woman holding a bucket with cleaning supplies in it and the words 32 brilliant homemade cleaning recipes for a frugal household
32 Brilliant Homemade Cleaning Recipes for a Frugal Household
32 Brilliant Homemade Cleaning Recipes for a Frugal Household
a green polo shirt with the words how to get grease stains out of clothing?
How to Get Oil and Grease Stains Out of Clothes!
Tackle the annoying grease and oil stains that hang on to clothing with this simple tip via Surviving the Stores
a brown leather couch sitting on top of a hard wood floor
Account Suspended
How to clean leather tutorial. It's easy too
a bottle of liquid next to a gallon of cleaner
DIY 2-Ingredient Carpet Cleaner with Odor Remover
DIY Emergency Carpet Cleaner and Odor Remover (great for pets!)
a bucket filled with cleaning supplies on top of a wooden floor
23 of Our All-Time Best Cleaning Tips
Martha Stewart's best cleaning tips from the last 20 years.
a poster with instructions on how to wash clothes
10 Remarkable DIY Cleaning Solutions - Picklee
DIY: 10 Remarkable DIY Cleaning Solutions.
UA scrub uniforms stain remover guide Home Remedies, Scrubs, Sweat Stains
Uniform Advantage Scrubs Stain Remover Guide [Infographic]
UA scrub uniforms stain remover guide
a person holding a blue mesh bag over a washing machine with the words washing logos or any toy for that matter?
Wash It Out…
Betcha didn't know you could wash your Legos! Get rid of the grime and dirty fingers residue via Gettin By
a person is holding up a book in front of their face
How to Get Oil Stains Out from Clothes
How to remove set-in oil stains on clothing
an easy diy fix for dated floors using grout
Change Grout Color with Polyblend Grout Renew
An Easy DIY Fix for Dated Tile Flooring: How to Dye Your Own Grout {with step-by-step tutorial}
how to wash and whiten yellowd pillows in the washing machine, before and after
How To Wash Yellow Pillows (Step-By-Step)
Seriously ~ best recipe ever for cleaning pillows. I spent the day cleaning pillows and mattress pads throughout the house. So clean and fresh. I'm in love!!!!!! #washing pillows
a carpet cleaning company logo with a person using a vacuum to clean the carpet in front of a coffee table
Borax to Clean Carpet | LoveToKnow
1 cup of Borax to 1 gallon of distilled white vinegar. Add to steam machine and top off with water. Cleaning carpet with Borax... also will remove pet stain/odor & kill fleas
an outdoor grill with the words how to easily take your grill from gross to gorgeous
Gross to Gorgeous - Best Ways to Clean Stainless Steel Grills
DIY:: How to easily clean a stainless steel grill from Gross To GORGEOUS ! BY
two pictures of a toilet with the words how to easily and cheaply clean, restore, and seal your grout
How to Clean and Seal Grout
How to Clean, Refresh, and Seal Your Grout (Easily and Cheaply!)
a young boy eating something with his hands
Summer Stain Removal 101
a woman standing in a kitchen with her back to the camera and cleaning mitts on her hands
Learn to clean your house like a professional: There is an order that makes things much faster and more efficient...
a shower door with the words how to clean soap gum off shower doors and prevent it from coming back
How to Clean Shower Doors
How to Clean Soap Scum Off Shower Doors and Prevent It from Coming Back
a man is spraying water on a house's windows with a yellow sprayer
Homemade Glass Cleaner: The 3 Best DIY Recipes
"How to get Streak-Free Window's with NO wiping or squeegeeing" For cleaning the outside of windows. -CAB
a bathroom with a tub, sink and mirror
How to Clean a Jetted Tub: 14 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow
1. Fill tub with hot water to a couple inches above jets. 2. Pour in about a half cup of bleach and a tablespoon of powdered cascade dishwashing detergent 3. Run the jets for 15 minutes with the air knob thing open all the way so it gives the highest turbulence 4. observe gunk and try not to choke 8] 5. empty tub 6. Refill with cold water to above jets 7. Run jets to rinse - 10 minutes Do this twice a month.
a pile of dirt next to a pencil on top of a white carpet with the words how to remove a paint stain from your carpet
how to remove paint from your carpet
How to remove a paint stain from your carpet.
a sign that says how to get urine stains out of a mattress
How to Get Pee Stains Out of a Mattress! - The Homestead Survival
Mattress Pee Stain Removal
a person is holding a jar over a bed with a dog in the background and text that reads how to make your own scented linen powder
How To Make Scented Linen Powder
How to make scented linen powders
a person using a vacuum to clean carpet
Ashfield Carpet Cleaning -
Carpet Shampoo Solution: 1 cup oxiclean* 1 cup febreeze* 1 cup distilled white vinegar *The homemade versions work fabulously! Pour contents into shampooer tub and mix with hot water to fill tub completely. This will not only clean your carpets it will also deodorize. It will smell slightly of vinegar until the carpet is dry. Be sure to test spot with the solution just to be safe, however this should be safe for ALL carpets.
two pictures side by side, one has a shoelace and the other has a pair of shoes
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How to dry shoes in a dryer w/out noise or damage. So freaking smart. - Work on front loading dryers as well