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two people sitting on a chair in front of a blue backdrop with flowers and plants
Preweding Tema Jawa Modern di Hutan Pinus
two people standing next to each other in front of trees
Prewedding Javanes Concept
two people sitting next to each other in front of flowers and plants on the ground
Sejauh mata memandang
a man and woman are walking together
11 Present Aesthetic Prewedding Photo Concept Ideas, Unique and Anti-Mainstream
Pre-wedding photos with aesthetic concepts are still very popular with young couples. Because aesthetic photos give a unique, edgy and eye-catching impression
a man and woman sitting next to each other with flowers on the ground in front of them
Jawa - Indonesia traditional prewedding 🇮🇩
a man and woman sitting next to each other in front of a vase with flowers
Traditional Costume Prewedding
Mecapan Space #prewedding #traditional #javanese #photoshoot #ideasforphoto #coupleportrait
a man and woman are posing for a photo together in traditional garb, headgear and shoes
Traditional Javanese Prewedding
Mecapan Space #prewedding #preweddingshoot #coupleportrait #ideasforphoto #traditional #jawa
In Javanese culture, prewedding photoshoots are becoming increasingly popular as a way for couples to capture their love and excitement before their big day. Javanese Wedding Dress, Intimate Wedding Indonesia, Prewedding Jawa Modern, Javanese Prewedding, Prewed Jawa
Javanese traditional Pre-Wedding between Dania & Dimas
a paper plate with a ribbon tied around it
anthurium @__callablomst
colorful flowers and butterflies are on display outside
vibrant flower arrangement
some fake flowers are sitting on the ground
colours by @__callablomst
a person is holding a basket with flowers and butterflies in it on a marble surface
a cotton candy flower basket by @__callablomst