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8 things to know about using On Becoming Babywise with twins. The newborn days with twins can be so hard, but Babywise can make it much easier for you!


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Causes of Colic and Remedies. The Happiest Baby on the Block: Causes of Colic. The causes of colic as outlined in The Happiest Baby on the Blog by Harvey Karp. Learn why your baby has colic and what you can do to help your baby get over colic. There are 8 things you can address that can help your baby's colic be lessened or even go away.
Ear infections and interfere with sleep and with language development. Get tips for treating ear infection pain, getting rid of ear infections, and preventing them in the future.
How to HEAL Your Baby's Eczema. Get the best tips to heal your baby's skin. Eczema can be painful for baby and even make it so your baby cannot sleep well. This post contains information on how to help treat eczema. I will share all the advice I know, and some of it will be conflicting. What works for one baby will not work for another. The term eczema covers a broad spectrum of things. Basically, it is skin irritation. With eczema, no matter the cause, the skin will get irritation.


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Babywise Milestones you can expect in the first two years when you follow On Becoming Babywise. When to expect sleeping through the night, naps dropped, a four hour schedule, and other milestones.
A baby does not always respond the way you expect her to. A baby is an individual, and you can’t have a book that is written for your exact baby. Because of this, questions often come up when people are trying to implement Babywise. Here are some frequently asked questions and the answers to those questions. Get all of your questions answered about using On Becoming Babywise.
Babywise First Year: What to Expect. On Becoming Babywise by Ezzo and Bucknam is an infant sleep book that helps you get your baby sleeping well and on a great schedule. Even when you have several children, it is easy to forget when to expect certain milestones your baby should be reaching. This post is a timeline of your baby’s first year and what to expect when, along with what to implement when. This is just a guideline, not a set-in-stone rule sheet.


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Simple ideas for a fun Olympic Opening Ceremonies party. Simple food to eat while watching the opening ceremonies. Get tons of food ideas for some fun food to eat during the Olympics this year.
Birthday Party Planner {Free Printable}. Quickly jot down ideas and plan your child's next birthday party. #freeprintable #birthdayparty #organizing

Birthdays and Parties

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Common Youngest Child Traits. What is a youngest child like? What is a youngest child like vs middle vs youngest? Youngest child stereotypes vary. Some people consider the baby of the family to be super spoiled and can get away with anything. Others look at the youngest as one who always gets “hand-me-downs” and therefore is a little picked on.
Parenting First Borns: Tips to Get it Right. Traits of a first born include: perfectionist reliable conscientious list maker well organized hard driving scholarly natural leader conservative self-sacrificing self-reliant exacting precise picky critical serious scholarly logical doesn’t like surprises loves computers serious goal oriented achieving people pleasers believers in authority So what makes first borns the way they are? You do. The parents.
Tips for parenting a middle child. Middle children can easily feel ignored and overlooked. This posts shares tips to help your middle child feel loved.

Birth Order

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Honest L'ANGE Hair Products Review - Babywise Mom
70 Hairstyles for Girls. Get over 70 different ideas for how to do your daughter's hair. I am a person who really likes variety in many aspects of my life, and a hairstyle is one of those. I like to do many different styles on my girls and myself. We take photos of what we do so we can visually look through the options when choosing what to do that day. I have Pigtails, Ponytails, Braids, Half-up, and Updos for you to look at.
L'ANGE Hair Products and Tools Review. In this post, I am discussing my favorite products from L’ANGE. Here are the L’ange hair care products I have tried and what I think of them. I also share which L'ANGE tools I use and how I like them. Learn what I love about Lange and what I don't love about it.


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19 Best Easter Books for Kids. I have listed the books in order from youngest reading level to oldest, with the more spiritual books being listed last. Classic books and and fun books with favorite characters!
A book list of great fantasy books appropriate for middle grade readers, from 8-12 years old and in grades 3-7.
14 Great Winter Picture Books Worth Owning. If you don’t have snow where you live, your children probably enjoy reading about snow because it sparks their imaginations. If you have snow where you live, your children probably enjoy reading books about snow because they are relatable on some level. If you are planning on buying any snow books, these ones will not disappoint. They are all worth owning.

Book Lists

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Six year old girl information. 6 year old sample schedules. See how this once Babywise baby is doing as a six year old. #babywise #sixyearold #sampleschedules #childwise
8 Truths About Parenting Children. What it is like to parent the 5-8 year old age range. Prepare your parenting skills and know what to expect. #parenting #parentingtips #parenting101 #motherhood #momlife

Child Age Range

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How To Raise a Child Who is a Helper. Get 11 things you can do on a regular basis to help your child naturally want to be a good helper around the house and work hard. I know, believe me I know, that it takes about five times as long to do anything with your little one “helping.” But allowing him to help does a few things. It teaches him how to do it. It tells him his assistance is of value.
Do you want to get your kids doing chores at home? Follow these 8 rules to set up a solid and consistent chore routine for your children. You want to start young, have consistency, establish a routine, set up solid rules, have chore wheels and chore charts, and find ways to motivate kids.
9 year old chores graphic. Chores your 9 year old can do. A complete list of chore ideas that your child can learn to do when your child is nine years old. Find out what chores they should already be able to do and what to add on this year.


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This year, I want to share five of the ideas we have implemented in our home for helping our children focus on more of the “reason for the season” (cue music…He is the reason, for the sea–eee–son…) and not so much on themselves and what they are getting. 5 Ways for Teaching the Reason for the Season. How to bring the Christmas spirit into your home and focus on the reason we celebrate Christmas. Teach your children why we have the Christmas holiday and focus on the birth of Jesus Christ.
Is it okay to do Santa Claus at your house? Will be lying to your kids? Will it make them not trust you forever? Will it take away from the meaning of Christmas? What Should I Tell My Children About Santa Claus? Should you have Santa as part of your Christmas celebration? I have seen the topic of Santa come up in the various groups I am in online. The question is basically “Do you do Santa at your house?” Answers vary. Some are yes. Some are no. Some are somewhere in between.
How To Juggle Extended Family During the Holidays. How To Juggle Extended Family During Holidays. Tips to help you balance time with all sides of extended family and still have time for your little family. Here are some frank tips for helping you to set your own boundaries.


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Simple Tip to Help Kids Get Self Control. In Toddlerwise, it talks about the idea of hand folding. This is referred to as self-control training with hands. “When you begin to see those early signs that your kids are going to lose it, physically or verbally, instruct them to fold their hands and work on getting some self-control” (p. 157). The skills to patiently wait are not only beneficial for your child as a toddler, but for the rest of his life.
3 Ways to Stop Tempers in Babies. Controlling the young temper tips. What to do when your young toddler has a tantrum. 3 things you can do to stop these tantrums and calm down your kiddo.
7 Ways to Stop a Screaming Toddler. You may be familiar with it. The child who is old enough to know what she wants and certainly has an opinion on what she wants, but she can’t communicate it with you. I know you are wondering what can you do to help your child move past the fits when she can’t communicate them verbally? Here are some tips.


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Easter Gift deas for your 7-9 month old baby. This seems to be a time period when baby starts to show a lot of boredom and frustration if you don’t change his toys to match his changing abilities, so be sure to be mindful of that. You will find over 26 great gift ideas for 7 month old babies, 8 month old babies, and 9 month old babies.
35 of the best Easter gift ideas for pretoddlers. Great educational and fun toys and gift ideas for your 12-18-month-old little toddler. There are a lot of different ideas here of things for you to give your kiddos at Easter and stuff their baskets.
Easter Traditions for Kids and the Whole Family. Children love traditions. It doesn’t matter how simple or elaborate the tradition is, if it is tradition, the child will love it. Traditions are a huge part of what builds a strong family culture. Easter for kids doesn’t have to be fancy. Just choose what traditions make sense for your family. When choosing traditions, remember it takes time for a tradition to become a tradition. These are the Easter traditions we have at our house.


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If you are breastfeeding and it suddenly becomes very painful, there is a chance you have thrush. Thrush is a fungal yeast infection.  I had thrush/yeast issues with both Kaitlyn and McKenna. Twice with McKenna. Thrush/Yeast infections are very difficult to get rid of when breastfeeding, and I know from experience they are very painful for the nursing mother.  It all started with Kaitlyn, my second child. Kaitlyn was born a perfect nurser. She had perfect form and latch and was very efficient. How to know if you or your baby has thrush. Get remedies and treatments for getting rid of a thrush infection in you and your baby, especially when breastfeeding.
Baby Hunger Cues: Signs Baby is Hungry. These signs will help you to know that baby is actually hungry and not just fussy or tired. Here is a list of common signals that a newborn baby is hungry. This list is in chronological order, meaning baby shows these cues in this order when hungry. You can find these in the different Baby Whisperer books by Tracy Hogg.
Stop Baby from Throwing Food at Meals. What to do when your kiddo throws food off the tray or drops it on the floor intentionally. My personal solution for this mostly lies with myself. I have made more of an effort to respond to her as soon as she asks in her appropriate way. If I can’t get to her right away, I at least look at her and tell her I will be there in one minute. She is less prone to throw food if I at least acknowledge her.


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DIY Emergency Preparedness Binder. How to create your own DIY Emergency Preparedness Binder. Get tips for what to include and how to track it all.
17 things to keep in your car in case of an emergency. Over 17 items you should keep in your car in case of an emergency. This post helps you set up an emergency car kit so you can stay safe on the road. #emergencyprep #emergencypreparedness #carkit #emergencycarkit
5 must have items to keep in your car. Sanity savers. What to keep in your car as parents. #carkit

Emergency Prep

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A Father's Impact on His Daughters. With all of these daughters, I have been pondering how to raise wonderful women. As I have done so, I remember my mother often telling me that I was lucky because a father has a huge impact on the self-esteem of his daughters. I was lucky. I consider my dad to be one of the best men to ever walk this planet. I am fortunate to have married a man that I think is equally as wonderful as my own father.
A father is a parent, too. Fathers are not just spectators who sit by and observe their children growing up. They should be involved. Get actionalable ways a dad can be present in the lives of his children and have a positive impact on the family.
5 ways to be a better dad and better support your wife. Get five tips to be a better dad. These are simple and actionable step you can take to be a better dad and better support your wife as a mother. #parenting #fatherhood #dadlife #dadtips


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Fall Family Traditions. 6 fun things to do with your kids this fall! Make these family traditions to make memories that will last. Leaf jumping, fall hikes, corn maze, pumpkin carving, pumpkin painting, and eating fall treats are all great things to do with your kids in the autumn!
How To Do Thankful Pumpkin this Fall. I love to do something each fall to focus on what we are thankful for. It is a time of year when kids are very focused on upcoming Christmas and all they want. I want to instill an attitude of gratitude year-round, but this time of year is the perfect time to really put extra effort into focusing on it so we can balance out some of that “I want” I want us to focus on our blessings and what we have and not just our deficits and what we do not have but want
15 Fall Books Kids Will Love. Here are 15 of our very favorite fall picture books. In addition to what I discuss here, don’t forget to look into books that include your child’s favorite characters. Apple books, fall books, pumpkin books, leaf books, books about leaves, and all the things that make fall lovely. You will love these picture books!


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How extroversion and introversion affect gifted students. Find out how your child will feel and behave at school and how you can help. Find out what you need to do as a parent to help your gifted child based on if she is an extrovert or introvert.
There are many false assumptions about what gifted children are like and what support they do or do not need. Find four common ones here.
Find out what the book Emotional Intensity in Gifted Students is about and if it is worth the read or not. Emotional intensity refers to a gifted child's deep, often overwhelming, emotional sensitivity to themselves and the world around them.


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How to actually achieve your goals. Have success with your goal-setting this year! Find out how to overcome failure and reach your goals that you want to set.
Vision Board Ideas for Kids! A vision board is quite effective in helping children set goals and achieve goals. This post outlines why and how to do it. A vision board is a board of some kind where you put visual reminders of the things you are working toward and dreaming of. It can be anything that works for you since it is your vision board. You need to really step back and let your child decide what her goals will be. If she asks you for guidance or suggestions, you can offer them.
4 Reasons You Should Set Goals | Resolutions | New Year's | New Year's Resolutions | #goals #goalsetting


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Kid-Friendly Halloween Playlist Halloween Playlist for families to listen to. Happy Halloween music for kids that are not too scary or creepy. Halloween Playlist that is kid friendly. This is a Halloween music playlist you can let your kids listen to. Here are my songs for your family to listen to at Halloween that are not too spooky. This is fun for you Halloween party and clean enough for a class party!
How To Easily Create a Budget-Friendly Halloween Costume. You can have the Halloween costume you want on the cheap! Simple ways to recreate your favorite characters to dress up for Halloween. We LOVE dressing up for Halloween. We typically do a big family-themed costume based on something our kids are loving at the time. It can be pretty simple to put together your child’s dream costume and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. I walk you through the steps of how I create costumes for my kids.
Family Costume Ideas for Halloween. Get ideas for the kids, full family themes, siblings themes, father/son themes, mother/daughter themes, and themes with baby. Dr. Seuss costumes, Batman and Robin cotumes, Wizard of Oz family costumes, Little Red Riding Hood group costume theme, Peter Pan costumes, Willy Wonka costumes, Super Mario Brothers group theme, Star Wars Costumes, Batman group costume themes, Princess costume themes, Harry Potter group costume themes, and more!


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Easter Gift Ideas for Your 18 Month Old. As your toddler gets older, they will need toys that are age appropriate. These are great toys to give as gifts this easter or to make as part of your Easter basket stuffers. There are a lot of toys you can start to introduce at 18 months old, like LEGO Duplos and ride on toys. Playdoh is a great toy, too.
How to Celebrate Valentine's Day When You have Kids. Time to think outside the box and do something unique! You might do something at home or do something at a different time of day or a different day all together!
Valentines Day Fun for Kids! 14 ways to make the holiday fun for your kids. You can do 14 days of love, write love notes, send valentines together, heart attack your child, read fun valentine picture books for kids, focus on love languages, do a cute valentine photo shoot, do a scavenger hunt, bake together, have a chocolate fondue night, share your own love story, do a date with your child, or do valentine crafts together.


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Get all of the tips you need to be able to grow carrots in your own garden at home. Know when to plant and when to harvest. Get delicious fresh food right at home!
Get all of the tips you need to be able to grow onions in your own garden at home. Know when to plant and when to harvest. Get delicious fresh food right at home!
How To Grow a Garden with Success. If you are interested in starting a garden, let me encourage you to DO IT! It seems scary, but much like parenting, you can read all you want about it, but until you actually do it, you don’t really know what it is like. Get 15 tips for an amazing garden!

House and Home

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Infant loss grief hits you at unexpected moments. Processing grief will not look like how you might imagine it will. Grief is not something you get over in a linear fashion. Grief is a strange thing. You definitely do not understand it at all until you experience it, and even then, you don't get it. Grief hits you in funny moments. We tend to expect grief to behave as a physical injury does. We think it will start out as a big gaping wound that will heal over time and then be better.
October 15 is Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Day each year. Light a candle at 7 PM to remember those we have lost.
What to Save When You Have a Stillbirth. Momentos you will want to keep. You will have so little of your baby. I held every photo taken of my while pregnant with Braxston dear. We have a non-profit volunteer group that gathers items for a memory box for parents. I am so grateful for this because I never would have thought to get those things in the moment, but I have them forever. I highly recommend you create some traditions for the birthday of your baby.

Infant Loss

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6 Simple Fall Learning Activities for Kids! There are many things that come to mind when you think of autumn. I think of apple picking, leaves changing, pumpkins, brisk temperatures… it is a lovely time! Apple math activities, preschool activities, apple prints, fall leaves shape tree, leaf rubbings. Lots of fun autumn preschool activities for preschoolers, toddlers, and young school-aged kids.
Reading aloud to our kids is very beneficial, but it isn't really always fun for parents. Here are tips on how to make it more enjoyable to do. How to make reading aloud to kids more enjoyable for parents.
How to do a daily learning time as a busy mom. Get tips from a mom of three young kids on how to do learning time each day. Tips from organizing to planning to executing!

Learning Activities

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Get ideas for what you and your spouse can do on Valentines Day. This is especially helpful for parents looking for something to do on Valentine's Day. Find unique ways to celebrate Valentines with your spouse when you have young kids at home. Go out early or late, do a date at home, celebrate a different day, do a date during the day, or order something special. Find a special way to celebrate together.
How to respond to challenges in marriage. How to Respond to Challenges in Marriage. What to do when difficulties arise. Great marriage advice that is simple but very effective.
Ideas for nurturing love and friendship in marriage. How to develop Love and Friendship in Marriage. Four tips to foster and keep love and friendship alive in your marriage.


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What To Say to a Mama Who Lost Her Baby and what NOT to say. When you lose a baby to miscarriage or stillbirth, the pain is all-consuming. And it is lonely. You are really the only one who knew you were pregnant on a real level. The baby inside you reminded you every day. The nausea reminded you every day. The massive changes your body went through reminded you every moment of every day. For everyone else, it was easy to forget the pregnancy.
Chronicles of a Babywise Mom: Heartbreaking Sorrow Strengthens Us "...such difficulties allow us to change for the better, to rebuild our lives in the way our Heavenly Father teaches us, and to become something different from what we were—better than we were, more understanding than we were, more empathetic than we were, with stronger testimonies than we had before." Stillbirth | miscarriage | loss | #miscarriage #stillbirth
Stillbirth and the decisions you will face. When parents find out they have lost their baby, there are many decisions that need to be made quickly. Learn what to expect so you can decide what is best for your family.


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