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a man holding up a trophy in front of a black wall with the words imagine going to ferrari after this i'm a ferrari fan
British GP, 2024
four pictures of dogs and their owners with caption that reads, never looked - so - good vitata no genect testing needed that is charles in dog's form
Charles and Leo
the horse clearly left us after monaco's grand prix win, and then he won
feradri sold the horse to the devil to won monaco
a poster with the image of a person on a motorcycle wearing a helmet and holding his hand up
Niki Lauda Poster
by @darknceties on twitter
a poster with a man in a racing suit holding his fist up to the sky
Charles Leclerc Poster
A poster of il predestinato #cl16 #formula1 #poster #ferrari #wallpaper
the ferrari logo is shown on this red sports car
two pictures with the same person holding up a trophy, and one is wearing a red hat
he's so done💀
British GP, 2024
Max Verstappen being a cat person
two men in red shirts standing next to each other with their arms around one another
a hand holding a piece of food in front of a menu with italian words on it
he could start a cult