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No Samuel Jackson fan but he's Correct ! Wise Words, Albert Einstein, Wisdom Quotes, Motivation, Wise Quotes, Samuel Jackson, Thought Provoking
No Samuel Jackson fan but he's Correct !
a german shepard dog sitting in front of a sign that says, i was deployed in afghanistan from 2011 - 2013 that's right 21 years of service
Brotherhood of Veterans
Brotherhood of Veterans
an orange background with the words mother theresa at washington prayer breakfast winter 1994, written in blue
Mother Theresa
a poem written in black and white with an image of a house near the ocean
spiritual longing
an old piece of paper with the words i absolutely love this all of it
a group of children standing next to each other in front of a black and white photo
@love_native_american_ "O my children! my poor children! Listen to the words of wisdom, Listen to the words of warning, From the lips of the Great Spirit, From the Master of Life, who made you! "I have given you lands to hunt in, I have given you streams to fish in, I have given you bear and bison, I have given you roe and reindeer, I have given you brant and beaver, Filled the marshes full of wild-fowl, Filled the rivers full of fishes: Why then are you not contented? Why then will you hunt ea
an old woman with a quote on it that says, one cannot't and must not try to erase the past merly because it does not fit the present
a black and white photo with the quote today it is the unborn child, tomorrow it is likely to be the elderly or those who are