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Easy paper fish origami craft tutorial for kids! 🐠💕
Difficulty: Easy Step-by-step craft instructions and craft supplies on the blog! =)
the paper turtle is being cut out to make it look like they are swimming
Glue-less printable turtle
paper turtle printable craft
watercolor giraffe art project for kids with text overlay that reads, watercolor giraffe art
Abstract Giraffe Painting Idea for Kids
DIY Popsicle Stick Rainbow Clouds
an empty classroom with desks and chairs in front of a whiteboard on the wall
55 Best Classroom Decoration Ideas for Teachers
an office with sunflowers in baskets on the desk and other items sitting around
55 Best Classroom Decoration Ideas for Teachers
People, Classroom Themes, Teacher Hacks, Classroom Hacks
the dojo tracker with monsters on it and free printable for kids to use
Making Class Dojo Manageable in your Classroom With the Dojo Tracker
Class Dojo
a handwritten poem with pencils and writing on the bottom right corner, which reads dear parents
Susan Jones Teaching: Inventive Spelling Freebie!