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Gunnar Nylund for Rorstrand Sweden

Lis Holt

Greenware and Impressionism

Camille Faure Art Deco Vase - 1920's This post isn't about environmentally friendly pottery, but simply about clay objects that that have the colour green. Not that ' green ' enviroware isn't worthy of being mindful about. The gemstones of aquamarine and jade are related to the planet Neptune and hence the colour green is associated with this planet along with its actual aqua appearance. During the middle of 2011, Neptune completed its first orbit of the Sun since its discovery in 1846. This…

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Angela Demott


Raku Vessel by Angela de Mott

Templo, Maria Oriza Perez: Clay


Coral Nest, Jennifer McCurdy Jennifer McCurdy Shu-Mei Chan The Quarry Projects Templo, Maria Oriza Perez Sculpture Network Rock, Susan Collett Susan Collett

Glaze & pattern

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Protection_Constraint_Demetra Theofanous, glass, lampworked--2014 Niche Awards

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Chantal Cesure


Jardin Des Plantes Pedestal Bowl

Jardin Des Plantes Pedestal Bowl

Giles Bettison

Giles Bettison



Lisa Peters is a Multimedia Artist specializing in Ceramic Jewelry Components and Art Beads

Andile Dyalvane  #ceramics #pottery

Forsale Lander

Dietlind Wolf


ceramics + photos : dietlind wolf , my new items, the wall dresses, and porcelains in shades of greyish violet rose and dark warm greys, shot in barcelona in a former textile factory, now in its second life with artist from all over the world,

Susan Nemeth Textile #ceramics

Contemporary Ceramics-Somerset House, London.

Contemporary Ceramics at Somerset House : The following gallery represents an excellent collection of ceramics based in London. Contemporary Ceramics has opened an exciting new exhibition space in Somerset House. The new location presents a unique and lively gallery in which both contemporary and traditional studio ceramics sit side by side. Contemporary Ceramics exhibits original and distinctive work, illustrating the current diversity of thought and making processes practised across this…

Ramp 'Bird Bowl'


RAMP - Earthenware