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an artist's rendering of a building with people walking around it
a person standing in front of a wall with different colored lights on it's sides
Kelvin Light Tone/Color Scale 3800K-2300K by, Orion Chandelier, Inc.
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an outdoor lounge area with seating and a tree in the foreground, overlooking a body of water
Pool Bar | Six Senses Shaharut, Israel
an artist's rendering of a park in the middle of a city with people walking around
Pin by Nonomura on \u30E9\u30F3\u30C9\u30B9\u30B1\u30FC\u30D7\u30C7\u30B6\u30A4\u30F32 | Landscape and urbanism architecture, Landscape architecture plan, Landscape architecture design
several people sitting on concrete steps near the water's edge, while one person is walking
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an artist's rendering of the inside of a building with palm trees and plants
Foster + Partners' hotel to be built within Saudi Arabian sand dunes
an aerial view of a water park in the middle of a lush green area with lots of trees
“ 光” 织水韵 | 城市喧嚣下的原乡栖居(大区)
“ 光” 织水韵 | 城市喧嚣下的原乡栖居(大区)
an overhead view of a playground with children's play equipment and people walking around
THE NEST - 100architects
an aerial view of people playing in the water
畅游、畅玩、畅享 I 融创·开平潭江首府【悦江】未来公园社区