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Getting back to making crafts again
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Cute bottle bunnies
Cute bottle bunnies
Decorative bottles for sale
Christmas grinch that I designed
The grinch riding on a sled
a clock with a rabbit face on it's face and some decorations around it
Egg shaped bunnies
three painted christmas cards sitting on top of a table
The Grinch
Made from wood flooring
a paper bag that has been made to look like a bunny with ears and eyes
Wooden bunny
The Grinch Bell
Made out of tin veg can
a snowman made out of black paper and some decorations on top of the head
Cute snowman
Made from cardboard
someone is holding up a pine cone with the words gnome made out of pinecone
an origami flower made out of brown paper with the words snowflake out - a - brown lunch bag
Made from hot glue
three different pictures of the same item on a white background, one has an ornament
I designed the picture and put them on wood slices that I cut
bells out a tin cans are decorated with santa claus's image and red bows