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Photographer David Johnson creates these unusual flower like effects, with very long exposure firework shots at a Fireworks show in Canada.

Unusual Long Exposure Firework Photographs by David Johnson

While attending the International Fireworks Show in Ottawa, Canada earlier this month photographer David Johnson had his camera in hand to document the night. When Spain's entry into the competition begin he decided to try something a little different resulting in the photos you see here which are u

Abstract Photographs of Human Bodies in Motion Japanese photographer Shinichi Maruyama has an interesting series of photos simply titled, “Nude. Motion Photography, Time Lapse Photography, Exposure Photography, Nude Photography, Ethereal Photography, Photography Series, Photography Magazine, Abstract Photography, Photography Tutorials

Time-lapse Images of Nude Dancers Created with 10,000 Individual Photographs

NY-based photographer Shinichi Maruyama created these lovely photographs using nearly 10,000 individual photographs of a nude dancer in motion. The abstract images remind me of Japanese ink wash painting, as if the figures were created by the stroke of a thick brush, which is not unsurprising consid

Martin Kimbell uses "LEDs & long exposure techniques to create airborne light forms that seem like trails of otherworldy spacecraft." The images are "made with hoops lined with LEDs that are hurled into the air. Exposure Lights, Long Exposure, Tornados, Light Painting Photography, Art Photography, Amazing Photography, Graffiti Photography, Exposure Photography, Contemporary Photography

Dramatic Tornadoes of Light Photographed by Martin Kimbell

Martin Kimbell is a photographer from England who utilizes LEDs and long exposure techniques to create airborne light forms that seem like trails of otherworldy spacecraft. My initial assumption was that Kimbell used some form of small drone with attached lights, similar to Andreas Feininger's work

Budapest Light Tram by Krisztian Birinyi on [Light Art - Light Installation - Light Painting - Light Exibithion]

Long Exposure Photos of Budapest Trams Lit Up with 30,000 LED Lights

Although Christmas still feels like something in the vast future (or past, depending on your point of view) it certainly doesn’t hurt to think about the wintry season as summer temperatures continue to rise. One of the most mesmerizing Christmas sights we’ve seen are these trams and local streetcars

In conjunction with an installation by Sarah Kabot, Johansson Projects in Oakland, CA is presenting new work by photographer Barry Underwood. The exhibition, called “Trace Artifice,” sh… Fantasy Landscape, Abstract Landscape, Nice Landscape, Slow Shutter Speed Photography, Instalation Art, Colossal Art, Interactive Art, Landscape Lighting, Light Painting

Landscape Light Installations by Barry Underwood

Drawing inspiration from early theatrical training, and influenced by methods of staged photography and set design, artist Barry Underwood (previously) transforms ordinary landscapes into something out of science fiction. The artist utilizes LED lights, luminescent material, and other photographic e

Motion of a kayak captured with LED lights and long exposure photography-by Stephen Orlando Orlando, Light Painting Photography, Art Photography, Exposure Photography, Movement Photography, Photography Tricks, Night Photography, Exposure Lights, Exposure Time

The Motions of Kayaking and Canoeing Recorded through Light Painting on Canadian Waterways

Colossal | Art, design, and visual culture

Light Studies: Experimental Light Photos by Kim Pimmel long exposure light Space Photography, Light Photography, Creative Photography, Amazing Photography, Exposure Lights, Long Exposure, Double Exposure, Slow Shutter Speed Photography, Light Study

Light Studies: Experimental Light Photos by Kim Pimmel

San Francisco-based UI designer and photographer Kim Pimmel creates extraordinary long exposure light photographs using a huge variety of common objects and technologies. Although the photos appear digitally rendered they actually merge simple things like ping pong balls, old turntables, and simple

Lighting Art Painting Long Exposure Ideas For 2019 Slow Shutter Speed Photography, Light Trail Photography, Light Painting Photography, Learn Photography, Exposure Lights, Long Exposure, Light Trails, Colossal Art, Light Art

Light Paintings

A number of my favorite photos by Flickr user outabounds who makes extraordinary long exposure light paintings. See many more here.

Long Exposure Photos of Yurikamome High Speed Rail Transit, Appuru Pai, on Creative Journal: a showcase of inspiring design, art, architecture and photography. Slow Shutter Speed Photography, Amazing Photography, Art Photography, Exposure Photography, Long Exposure Photos, High Speed Rail, Design Art, Graphic Design, Abstract

Long Exposure Photos of Yurikamome High Speed Rail Transit

Today I stumbled onto the Flickr stream of photographer Céline Ramoni based in Tokyo who for the last few years has been capturing these fantastic long exposure photos of the Yurikamome transit line that travels between the Japanese cities of Shimbashi and Toyosu. The rest of her photography is well

Black and white photography is a very interesting combination of light and shadow. Self-taught photographer Darren Moore, creates black and white images using a method known as long-term exposure during the day/Photo by Darren Moore/

The Ethereal Long Exposure Photography of Darren Moore

Colossal | Art, design, and visual culture

the light paintings are created by the long exposure photography of roomba vacuum cleaner robots, who have been outfitted with coloured LEDs and set free to roam. Light Painting Photography, Art Photography, Photography Lessons, Long Exposure Photos, Exposure Photography, Light Installation, Light Art, Beautiful Images, Contemporary Art

Light Painting with Roomba Vacuum Cleaners

These photos have apparently been around for a while, but this is totally new to me. An enterprising group of robotic vacuum cleaner owners have used LEDs affixed to the top of their Roombas to create these amazing long exposure photographs. Check out Roomba art group for more. Photos via IBR Roomba