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pretty art i might try to recreate one day
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a drawing of a cat laying on the floor in front of a record player and bookshelf
My House by Maëlys Chay
a notebook with two ducks floating on top of water lilies and lily pad leaves
Duck drawing
a black cat floating in the water with lily pads
Photography of cats, whether professionally taken or candid shots of one's own pet, can capture the
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a drawing of two cats cuddling on top of a bed with a laptop computer
a cat in a heart shaped box tattoo on the wrist
adorable heart locket cat custom for @daniellaacobo !!! Thank you so much for trusting me with this sweetie and for a great session! ♡♡ | Instagram
two cats holding hands in front of a heart
two pink candles with fire coming out of them on a light blue and white background
alivia horsley - love you
love you
a drawing of a stomach with butterflies on it's side and an arrow pointing to the right
gives me butterflies
a poem written in purple and white with stars on it
100+ Fun Creative Drawing Prompts (with Printable)