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In the Village by Lizs Quilts Courses
Evolve by Suzy Williams – auribuzz

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Dresden Flower Patch
Фестиваль лоскутного шитья Душа России - Участники арт-проекта «Лоскутное поле»
It has the soft and refined palette of quilts of the late 19th century with its elegant cream-coloured fabrics. Esther was inspired by Michèle Beugnon's quilt, Betsey Stars published in issue 38. Eight-pointed stars that are very easy to make, a small block here and there, and soon you will have made this gorgeous quilt with its timeless charm! Quilt designed, made and quilted by Esther Paap, measures 162 x 162 cm (64'' x 72''). Discover the content of the Quiltmania 159.

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"Smitten Patchwork Quilt Pattern Designed by Lulu Well for Sunspell Smitten was made by hand and includes template shapes for construction. Instructions are for finished quilt measuring 48\" x 61\" (but can be made to any size). As Smitten is EPP friendly, you can source eco-friendly EPP packs from Tales of Cloth - This PDF is beginner friendly but requires basic knowledge on how to hand-piece.  This purchase comes with whole quilt colouring diagram. As always, I encourage you to please keep our beautiful planet in mind when printing this pattern and only print the necessary template pages. REQUIREMENTS Smitten quilt measuring 48\" x 61\": 3.75 - 4 m (4 - 4 ½ yds) total in a large variety of fabrics ensuring you have a good mix of colour


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karen's vosens millifori quilt

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Let QuiltsByDH turn your or your loved one's clothing items into a one of a kind treasured quilt.  For a $50 deposit, we will make a design with the items and/or fabrics you provide.  Once the design is complete, the exact cost of creating the quilt can be determined.  Your deposit will be applied to the cost if we make the quilt. These quilts are generally made with 8 inch squares of fabric cut from shirts, pants, jeans, and dresses. The quilt top will be completed by stitching all the fabrics together.    The batting and backing will be provided and will coordinate with the quilt top.  Then a quilting pattern will bind the three layers together and the edges will be bound with a cotton binding.  $50 Deposit will cover the design of the quilt and can be applied to the final quilt cost - a

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Summer's Smile (sunflower) Quilt Pattern

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quilts that amaze - Google Search

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The best place to look for hand applique supplies and patterns. Quilting patterns, notions, books, thread, quilting tools and much more!

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Complex Path - Day 142 | Click the link to watch a video and… | Flickr
Domestic Stipples of Mother Earth #1

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Erica's Hot Pink Girl commissioned and completed in Dec. 2013
The Drum Beat of Africa, 46 X 52 Art Quilt - Etsy
By Hilary Jordan put a modern twist on the classic 16-patch with the beauiful Honey Bee fabric collection. Check it out!


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Homespun goodness animates this coloruful coat, made with a patchwork of cotton quilting blocks. Style Name:Ulla Johnson Elettra Patchwork Quilted Cotton Coat. Style Number: 6832629.

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a bed covered in a colorful quilt next to potted plants
a pink patchwork quilt hanging in the grass
Early Thursday Finish!
Erica's Hot Pink Girl commissioned and completed in Dec. 2013
an art quilt with native american women and feathers on it's sides, hanging from a fence
In the Village by Lizs Quilts Courses
a colorful quilt is laying on the floor with it's edges cut out to look like animals
a close up of a quilted flower on a wooden table with green and pink squares
a piece of art made out of patchwork material with flowers and leaves on it
an abstract painting with many different colors and shapes on the paper, it looks like hexagonals