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Jana Jannsen
I am a money magnet. My wallet is always full of money. I have the money to have my hearts desire.

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I'll take my billion dollars in cash please and then buy ALLLLLLL merchandise! More like buy one direction.(:<,definetly buy one direction away from modest ;

Motor Club of America Proof

This is a proof video for The Motor Club of America! If you can really apply yourself, and work Smarter not Harder you can too live this no 9-5 lifestyle! Th...

I don't need Love, I need This.


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I am a rich and powerful money magnet

In the bag!

Money flows effortlessly with abundance to me

Money just shows up for me

I am a powerful money magnet

Money flows to me by the billions

I am always attracting money into my life. Money always flows to me effortlessly. I am a money magnet. I love money and money loves me. Thank you for my abundant life.

I am a money magnet

I am a money magnet


This article talks about why I made spending more my New Year's resolution. Read here to find out my money management tips that including being wise with your personal finance but also performing a bit of self care and self love.

Money just shows up for me

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Walkin' cash

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I live in abundance. Money is attracted to me. I am a wealth magnet. I will continue to garner more wealth.