Ptolemaic dynasty

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Jesus is Black! Archeological Evidence and History of Iconoclasm Proving Jesus is Black! Archeological Evidence and History of IconoclasmProving Jesus is Black! Archeological Evidence and History of Iconoclasm Black History Books, Black History Facts, Strange History, Blacks In The Bible, Art Afro, Black Hebrew Israelites, Black Royalty, Black Pride, African American History

Proving Jesus Is Black! Archeological Evidence and History of Iconoclasm

Christ's color is a touchy topic. It changes the gospel of the bible completely. Some say it doesn't matter. So why make him white? Find out the root of his image here and how it was changed.

Reverse side of Icon with the Prophet Elijah, made in Kastoria, Greece. Egg tempera on wood, 48 x 24 in. Image courtesy of the Byzantine Museum, Kastoria Byzantine Icons, Byzantine Art, Christian Images, Christian Art, Light Of Christ, Cross Art, Book Of Kells, Holy Cross, Catholic Art

The Fur-Cloaked Prophet: Elijah and the “City of Beavers”

The prophet Elijah was more than a holy figure in Kastoria: he represented its economic foundations.

grumble-grumble: Altar/Tophet commemorating sacrificed children, representing symbols of the consort of Ba’al, Tanit, Carthaginian and Phoenician Goddess of the moon. Moon Symbols, Masonic Symbols, Ancient Symbols, Ancient Artifacts, Ancient Aliens, Ancient History, Viking Symbols, Egyptian Symbols, Viking Runes

Freemasonry & Esoterica

grumble-grumble: “ Altar/Tophet commemorating sacrificed children, representing symbols of the consort of Ba’al, Tanit, Carthaginian and Phoenician Goddess of the moon. ”

Τέχνης Σύμπαν και Φιλολογία: Το αίνιγμα των πορτρέτων του Φαγιούμ ... Egyptian Mummies, Egyptian Art, Historical Artifacts, Ancient Artifacts, Roman Hairstyles, Art Romain, 7 Arts, Roman Art, Encaustic Painting

Το αίνιγμα των πορτρέτων του Φαγιούμ. The mystery of the Fayum portraits

Τα πορτρέτα ζωγραφίζονται είτε απευθείας επάνω στο νεκρικό σεντόνι είτε επάνω σε λεπτά ξύλινα φύλλα, αρχικώς τετράπλευρα, τα οποία αργότερα κόβονταν για να προσαρμοστούν και να τοποθετηθούν στις μούμιες των νεκρών στο σημείο του προσώπου. Στη δεύτερη περίπτωση έχει χρησιμοποιηθεί ξύλο από κέδρο, έλατο, πεύκο, συκομουριά, φλαμουριά και κυπαρίσσι. Χαμένος κρίκος στην αλυσίδα της αρχαίας ζωγραφικής, τα πορτρέτα του Φαγιούμ ήρθαν στο φως στα τέλη του περασμένου αιώνα προβληματίζοντας έναν μικρό…

Mercury (Hermes), Roman statuette (bronze and silver), century AD, (Walters Art Museum, Baltimore). Roman Sculpture, Bronze Sculpture, Sculpture Art, Ancient Rome, Ancient Art, Ancient History, Greek Pantheon, Roman Artifacts, Roman Gods


The wings (one missing) on the head of this figure identify it as representing Mercury, the messenger of the gods. It is exquisitely detailed and larger than most statuettes made for household worship, suggesting that it was prominently displayed within the villa of a wealthy Roman family. The hairstyle dates the piece to the mid 1st century, when artists were still very much influenced by the Classical style of Greek art. His left hand would have held the "caduceus," or herald's staff, that…

Mars, the Roman adaption of Ares, Greek god of war, and the father of Romulus and Remus. Roman Artifacts, Ancient Artifacts, Ancient Rome, Ancient History, Ancient Greek, Roman History, Art History, Statues, Art Romain


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Стећак из Бакића или ''разбијање змајевих јаја''

„Ја сам чокот, а ви лозе. Ко остаје у Мени и Ја у њему, тај доноси многи плод, јер без Мене не можете чинити ништа.“ (15:5)

Detailed view: The Last Supper- exhibited at the Temple Gallery, specialists in Russian icons White Jesus, Black Jesus, Black Women Art, Black Art, Blacks In The Bible, Russian Icons, Bible Pictures, Biblical Art, Black History Facts

specialists in Russian icons

The Temple Gallery was founded by Richard Temple in 1959 as a centre for the study, restoration and exhibition of ancient Russian icons

Of gods and men: how ancient Egypt was the crucible for multiple faiths Egyptian Symbols, Ancient Symbols, Egyptian Art, Ancient Artifacts, Ancient Aliens, Ancient Egypt, Mayan Symbols, Viking Symbols, Viking Runes

Of gods and men: how Egypt was a crucible for multiple faiths

Hundreds of ancient relics will be displayed for the first time in a British Museum show that challenges our view of religious history

  Ancient Egyptian Art, Ancient Aliens, Ancient History, European History, Ancient Greece, American History, Ancient Goddesses, Gods And Goddesses, Ancient Mesopotamia

Tanat panê Ba‛al VI

Tanat panê Ba‛al parte I Tanat panê Ba‛al parte II Tanat panê Ba‛al parte III Tanat panê Ba‛al parte IV Tanat panê Ba‛al parte V ...

A few random images of Rome's catacombs frescoes Early Christian, Christian Art, Black History Facts, Art History, Rome Catacombs, Parting The Red Sea, Arte Judaica, Black Hebrew Israelites, Historical Artifacts

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Moses and the burning bush. Painting from Dura Europos Synagogue, C. Fresco detail Date: last phase of painting cycle dated by Aramaic inscription to 244 C. Gabrielle Sed-Rajna, Abcedaire du Judaïsme, Paris: Frammarion, p. 245 C. Black History Books, Black History Facts, Early Christian, Christian Art, Jesus Clothes, Black Hebrew Israelites, Black Jesus, Burning Bush, Before Us

What did Jesus really look like?

Long hair and a beard, sandals and a robe. Everyone knows what Jesus looked like. Or do they?