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the text how to be seen as the expert in your niche
Coaching business tip: how to set yourself up as the expert in your niche
This is my solid 7 ways to a successful brand positioning strategy to be seen as an expert in my niche and how this helped me grow my business successfully. This is perfect for entrepreneur startups looking for business branding tips or for those who are starting to build their coaching business. Start elevating your small business brand by showing up on social media, such as Instagram stories, and start reaching out to your audience!
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6 steps to a purposeful, profitable business | Ashley Chymiy, Heart-Centered Coach
The early stages of building a brand can be a lot! So in this post, I’ll share six essential steps to transform your brilliant vision into a purposeful, profitable business and brand! Whether you're starting from scratch or looking to rebrand and refine your existing business, in this post you'll learn how to turn your passion into a purpose-driven business. Includes tips on marketing strategy, selling tips, and how to build your online business.
a quote written in black ink on a pink background with stars and the words you are exactly who you need to be to make the difference you're here to make
3 Steps to Find Your Authentic Voice And Message
Do you feel stuck creating content to post on Instagram? Do you feel like your content posts on social media are not resonating to you and to your audience? 3-step process for zeroing in on your authentic message and voice that will broadcast your values and your philosophy, and invite the right people into your world! Check out article + supplementary video to crafting your own authentic brand message to stand out in the crowd and attract your dream clients.
two champagne glasses with the words, 7 quatis of successful entrepreneurs and how to cult
7 Qualities of Successful Entrepreneurs
What does it take to be a successful entrepreneur? Here are the 7 qualities I have discovered of a successful small business owner after years of working with different coaching clients! Topics include: small business tips, how to be a successful entrepreneur, how to build a small business, starting a small business checklist, small business goals, and how to start a coaching business tips.
the 30 - day social media plan for coaches is shown in pink and white with text overlay
30 Day Social Media Plan for Coaches
I started my coaching practice to help people not to spend hours every week on social media! I'm here to tell you that marketing your business on social media can and should be fun!
an open book with the title 5 essentials for a brand story that captivates and
The 5Cs of a Compelling Brand Story | Ashley Chymiy, Heart-Centered Coach
For new businesses, a compelling brand story is a must-have for reaching your audiences on a heart level! In this post I break it down into 5 essentials for a compelling, magnetic brand story that captivates AND converts. Learn more about client attraction tips, how to make more online sales, sales funnel tips through content marketing strategy for coaching business, how to get more clients for your small biz, and sales strategy plan. #brandstrategy #marketingplan #sellingonline
the heart - centered brand tool kit is shown with text overlays that reads get to the heart of your brand's voice
The Heart-Centered Brand Toolkit - Ashley Chymiy
Get to the heart of your personal brand, including your vision, voice, and special place in your market with The Heart-Centered Brand Toolkit by Ashley Chymiy. This branding toolkit will guide you on your journey to holistic branding - totally 100% authentic to you. Let your branding stir hearts, inspire action, and earn trust. Allow your brand to connect with your ideal audience holistically.
the 5 m's of a compeling brand message, with text below
Make your Brand Magnetic with the 5Ms of Messaging | Ashley Chymiy, Heart-Centered Coach
A compelling brand message has these 5Ms in common, and we're diving into each one in depth in this blog post. Touches on topics like: marketing tips / client attraction / brand messaging / online selling / digital selling / branding and brand strategy / marketing plan / content planning / brand message / marketing for introverts and empaths / reflection questions for entrepreneurs
an info sheet describing how to use hope not fear
How to Sell with HOPE, not Fear | Ashley Chymiy, Heart-Centered Coach
Selling with HOPE instead of fear creates better outcomes for your business AND your clients. marketing strategy tip for mindful business - how to sell with hope to your audience and not with fear. Topics include: how to attract clients to your online business / small business strategy / marketing tips / client attraction / coaching business tips / service business tips
the 2 rules of dream client attraction and how to use them in your business
7 Rules of Dream Client Attraction | Hellohappen | Ashley Chymiy, Brand Coach + Business Strategist
Read my latest blog post where I discuss the 7 rules in how to attract clients to your business services or products. Get ready to earn income in your business now - you better be ready for massive business growth soon! Learn more about client attraction tips, how to make more online sales, sales funnel tips through content marketing strategy for coaching business, how to get more clients for your small biz, and sales strategy plan.
an image with the words 9 things you need to know about your dream closets
9 Things you NEED to Know About Your Customer | Hellohappen | Ashley Chymiy, Brand Coach + Business
Ready to grow your business' brand and attract your clients to your small business? Learn the 9 things you need to know about your dream clients! Tap to read the full article + get started building your stand-out brand with the Brand Blueprint + 7-day Email Course below!
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Selling with Heart (An Honest Approach to Sales) | Ashley Chymiy, Heart-Centered Coach
Sales doesn’t have to feel icky, awkward, or gross! It can be a genuine service to your community. Catch this post and learn how to sell authentically and with heart! | brand strategy for passionate entrepreneurs / hart-centered business / selling with heart / sales tips for introverts / selling for empaths / small business tips for HSPs / #salesstrategy #mindfulbusiness
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10 Questions Every Successful Entrepreneur Asks Herself | Hellohappen | Ashley Chymiy, Brand Coach +
10 questions to ask yourself everyday that will shift your mindset and help you start a successful and productive day. Pick your cozy corner and start your day with these morning journal prompts! Topics include: morning journaling prompts, self discovery tips, personal development journal prompts, how to be a successful entrepreneur
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6 principles for selling without feeling sales-y
Dive into the 6 ways + prompts into feeling confident with your sales strategy + sales funnel that you've created for many hours! Selling doesn't have to be awkward, and you can actually sell from the heart and from a place of service! Tap to read the article + coaching video for you!
the 30 - day social media plan for coaches
30-Day Client-Attracting Social Media Plan for Coaches
Starting a coaching business is already a big feat of itself. Now you have to come up with a marketing plan, plus show up on social media every day?! Social media marketing should be something you look forward to in your marketing plan, and it should be soul-nourishing to connect with your online community! Here's my 30 days of social media plan to attract your clients that is easy and time-saving as a new coaching business owner! Tap to read the article.