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two tall columns made out of books in an empty room
Clothing gets recycled into amazing sculptures
a painting is displayed on a easel in front of a wall with vases
@rizrizrizz • Фото и видео в Instagram
an image of a woman's head in black and white
just another masterpiece
a person walking in front of an orange and red painting on a white wall behind them
The Top 22 Abstract Paintings In The World [Famous Artworks]
a woman standing in front of an orange and white painting
a painting is shown on the wall in an empty room with light coming through it
Andrea Solaja Shop
Andrea Solaja
an abstract painting hanging on the wall above a white door with a message underneath it
a red and white photo of a leopard
a drawing of a woman's head with beads on it and words written in spanish’s 101 Weird Writers: #4 – Dino Buzzati | Weird Fiction Review
an abstract painting with many different colors and shapes on it's side, including the letter
Artist / Illustrator--Martin Jarrie
pinkpagodastudio: Artist / Illustrator--Martin Jarrie
a piece of art that has been made to look like a crab on the wall
Moira Frith Prints
several paintings on the wall in an empty room
Richie Culver one of Hull's finest
an image of two people with hats on their heads and one person wearing glasses in front of them
an image of sea animals and corals on paper
"Dali & Schiaparelli" Debuts - Salvador Dalí Museum Salvador, Dali City, Salvador Dali, Art Design
"Dali & Schiaparelli" Debuts
"Dali & Schiaparelli" Debuts - Salvador Dalí Museum
a drawing of a triple layer cake on top of a table with writing in the background
Andy Warhol Created a Cookbook, and It’s as Wild as You Might Expect
X @ashlatalia
X @ashlatalia
a painting of a man in black and red with his hands on his hips, standing against a red background
Jon Flaming - Paintings - Modern Cowboy
Jon Flaming - Paintings - Modern Cowboy
xx @ashlatalia
xx @ashlatalia
a painting hanging on the wall with people standing around it in front of a crowd
a long table and chairs in a room with green carpeted flooring on the walls
"Oscar Niemeyer, ‘French Communist Headquarters’, Paris, France 1967-1980"