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Cans: Reflections and Abstractions

Cans: Reflections and Abstractions - Art Lesson Plans

Advanced painting project using crushed aluminum cans to abstract shapes, colors and reflections to the point of losing the subject matter. Class set of photos included.

Graffiti Self Portrait Painting Art Lesson, Art Painting, Graffiti, Self Portrait Art, Drawings, Self Portrait, Art, Painting Lessons, Portrait Art

Graffiti Self-Portrait - Art Lesson Plans

Students rock this graffiti stencil-style self-portrait . Either buy stencils or have students create their own!

Colored Inks on Cracked Paint Painting Art Lesson, Art Painting, Watercolor, Painting, Oil Painting, Art, Inks, High School Art, Color

Colored Inks on Cracked Paint - Art Lesson Plans

Make a painting look like an old cracked oil painting using watercolors, Inks, Acrylics or Liquid Acrylics. Learn the pros and cons of mediums. Inspired by the amazing David Lobenberg!

Cars: Reflections in Metal

Cars: Reflections in Metal

Patterned Ribbon and Paint

Patterned Ribbon and Paint - Art Lesson Plans

Colored Ribbons and expansion painting for color, style, and value matching. Great for starting off the year or starting off learning a particular medium.