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a black and white drawing of a batman
an image of two people in the dark with one holding his head to another person's face
Batman Detective comics
the cover to batman's dark knight 1, drawn by artist mark waison
the cover to batman's new 52, drawn by mark waison and inked in red
the poster for batman's upcoming movie is shown in black and white, with an evil
Batman & Dracula: Red Rain
a painting of a batman standing in front of a tree with no leaves on it
the batman movie poster is shown with four men sitting at a table in front of a yellow light
Bat Enemies
an artistic painting of two men in suits and ties with blood on their faces, one man wearing a red tie
Batman & Two-Face by Dustin Nguyen
Gotham City, The Penguin Batman, Dc Villains
a spider man is in the middle of a web
the cover to ghost rider vol 1, featuring an image of a man on fire
the amazing spider - man and black widow are fighting in this comic page, with one being