Women In Art

While you may not always know their names, Women artists have always been there...and they've rocked! Many helped create and shape entire movements, and others…
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Celebrate Watercolor Month With Artist: Aimee Del Valle
Watercolor artist @aimeedelvalle honors nature and the beauty in life’s imperfections with bold, colorful gestural paintings. Explore her colorful gestural paintings: bit.ly/AimeeDelValleArt_ADC
the cover of up close with artist frida kahlo's latest book
Artist Spotlight: Frida Kahlo
Happy birthday, Frida Kahlo! Today we celebrate the Mexican surrealist and her brilliant use of color, fierce feminism, and captivating self-portraits. Kahlo’s work brimmed with both religious and animal symbolism, exploring themes of identity, the human body, and mortality. Find a curated collection of Frida Kahlo’s artwork: LINK
an image of a zebra with the words laura van horre
Our Favorite Mom Artists Who Bring Beauty to the World While Taking the Journey Through Motherhood
Being a mother is no small undertaking, but these mom artists handle the task with grace and creativity! This Mother’s Day, we honor the moms who bring beauty to the world through their art. Explore their work now: https://bit.ly/ExploreHerArt_ADC
an abstract painting with blue and green colors
'Deliberation' Giclee Print - Michelle Oppenheimer | Art.com
Deliberation Giclee Print by Michelle Oppenheimer at Art.com
an abstract drawing with lines and shapes in black, white, orange and grey colors
Sandworms — Jaime Derringer
Sandworm # 3, 2013, 9"x12" ink and watercolor on watercolor paper / Sold Prints available on Minted