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If you don't know the cognitive functions, you don't know MBTI!
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xntp intp mbti meme funny memes
Ne? xD


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This Brilliant Comic Reminds Us Of How Weird Our Human Habits Are
INTP: chances are good they will not remember anything about anyone unless it contradicts something that person said/did earlier, in which case the logical inconsistency detector (Ti) will immediately activate, demonstrating a (some might say 'nitpicky') precision with detail regardless of time passed (Si). (This ability to spot patterns and identify things that do not fit tends to annoy more people than it helps.)


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Where's My Bubble?
INTPs are most inspired at the beginning of a new project during the strategy, vision setting, and problem-solving stages.


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INTP and ENTP...and then there's those of us who are ambiverts
intp and entp


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