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Exodus Ok God speaks a lot! He has given me Exodus 3 over the past few weeks.

10 Things to Do to Get a Real Feel of Bogota, Colombia

10 Things to Do in Bogota to Get a Real Feel of the City

Medellin - colombia

Iconic buiding in Medellín: This interestingly shaped building was constructed in honor of the textile industry, which in former times was the most important source of income of the Region. It represents a needle sewing needle.

Colombia - Hoyo Soplador, San Andres.

I`ve been to Colombia last year and i loved it it was incredible to see the many ancient traditions still being perserved alongside the beautiful building architecture. For more inspirations tap on the image!


Campesinos transport their produce across the Puente de Occidente near Santa Fe de Antioquia, Colombia