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the back side of a cell phone with text and numbers on it, including two different colors
Color Palette
an empty room that is being remodeled with gray paint and white trim on the walls
a person holding a paintbrush and painting the wall with gray paint on it's side
the color scheme for sheryln williams's new gray paint
bookshelves filled with lots of different types of books and text that says she wrote,
a living room with black walls and furniture
an olive tree with the names of its branches
a hand is holding three different shades of paint in front of a wooden background with the words sw 616 dried thye on it
Sherwin-Williams Dried Thyme Review + 30 Striking Color Palettes to Paint with Now
Sherwin Williams Dried Thyme is a hue that invites relaxation into any space. I'm delighted to share my insights on the colors that best complement it such as here with SW Threshold Taupe, Balanced Beige, and Ethereal White. My full review details the more incredible palettes. Click to find your perfect match!
the color scheme for sherwinn - williams's paint swatches, including gray and
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the different shades of paint that are used to create an interior color scheme for your home