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Citta del vaticano, Basilica di San Pietro, Bernini's Baldacchino and dome of Michelangelo Buonarroti, Roma Italy

Citta del vaticano, Basilica di San Pietro, Bernini's Baldacchino and dome of Michelangelo Buonarroti, Roma Italy

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Easter Sunday, St. Peter's Basilica, Vatican City, Italy.

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Bernini's last sculpture

Entitled "Salvator mundi," this is the last piece of art Gian Lorenzo Bernini worked on.

BERNINI Gian Lorenzo - Italian (Naples 1598-1680 Rome) - self portrait - 1625

Bernini: Autorretrato - 1625

Autorretrato bosquejado del escultor/pintor italiano Gian Lorenzo Bernini. Sketched self portrait by Italian sculptor/painter Gian Lorenzo Bernini.

BERNINI Gian Lorenzo - Italian (Naples 1598 -1680 Rome) - Ecstasy of St. Teresa 1647-52

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Take the kids to Borghese Gallery  where they will see Daphne and Apollo

Daphne and Apollo

Daphne and Apollo One of the marble sculptures we saw in Rome, Italy was breathtaking. Its the Apollo and Daphne sculpture by Gian Lorenzo Bernini located inside the Borghese Gallery, a private gallery that you need an appointment to visit. I had no idea a sculpture could have such exquisite details. These pictures simply do not do

The Bernini masterpiece "Apollo and Daphne" (1625), located in Rome's Galleria Borghese. One of our favorites!

A Study in Contrasts

A Quality of Light, A Pattern Disrupted, A Motion, A Balance, A Contradiction

bernini+david+baroque | bernini_david2

BERNINI- “David” and “Apollo and Daphne”

bernini+david+baroque | bernini_david2

BERNINI Gian Lorenzo - Italian (Naples 1598-1680 Rome) - gorgon

Bust of Medusa by Bernini

A rare treasure is at the San Francisco Legion of Honor. On loan from the Musei Capitolini di Roma. Hidden away for a bit, the bust has been restored and is on a very limited tour. Background on the Myth of Medusa Ok here is the down and dirty on Medusa... one of three sisters, the only one that was mortal, she was charming and stunning, known and envied for her beautiful locks of blond hair, so beautiful in fact that it caused Neptune to get randy. He, being Neptune, sea god that almost…

El rapto de Proserpina. El mejor Bernini. ¿Cómo puede hacer carne del mármol?

Gian Lorenzo Bernini: el escultor que superó a todos

Conoce a Gian Lorenzo Bernini, el genio de la escultura que los superó a todos.


The Beauty of Bernini | Golda Raphael

I have a new obsession courtesy of ‘The Power of Art’ on BBC Four … Bernini. His work is stunning. Check out a gallery of Bernini’s most famous pieces ….

Bernini "Apollo and Daphne" saw this in person in Italy.

BERNINI- “David” and “Apollo and Daphne”

No single artist has left a more prominent fingerprint on a city that Gian Lorenzo Bernini in Rome. His work is everywhere- his breathtaking statues are in museums and churches, his architectural d…