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Lindsay and her girlfriend's

Lindsay and her girlfriend's

whit drug adiction problem

whit drug adiction problem

legal problem by drug handling

They badly applied extra dark blush, the floating eyebrows, the smudged eye makeup…it all points to Lindsay Lohan being GUILTY…of wearing bad makeup.

bulimic problem

I think it's important to reiterate that you're an angel, remember? There's no way you're capable of stirring up trouble:

anorexic problem

These things are excellent. Said to be remarkable for weight reduction, It looks like Doctor Oz recommended it earlier this week. :D products-i-love

this photo when was girl in your movie THE PARENT TRAP

Epic Journey - The Parent Trap is an epic journey because both Annie and Hallie risk everything just to be with their parents and re-unite their family. They overcome the annoying Meredith Blake and convince their father to not marry her.