Marceline Alternate Edition by Tara McPherson

“Magnetic Destroyer” by Tara McPherson.

ART Paintings Gallery 1 Shortly Thereafter

From KP Projects, Tara McPherson, Would You Like To Dance? Oil on linen, 30 × 40 in

Stunning painting by Tara McPherson, 'Spring', Oil on Linen, x 2013

Eros Art — Spring & Summer by Tara McPherson

Illustrious: The Long Winter / Tara McPherson

The Fractioned Second - Tara McPherson

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Melvins, Napalm Death, Melt Banana by Tara McPherson

Black Figure, Throwback Thursday, Awesome, Photo Credit, Ps, Plastic, Photo Manipulation

“Seasonal Girls” by Tara McPherson

Lost Constellations by Tara McPherson for the Art Prints

Tara McPherson ‘Evolution Of Language’ + ‘Alien Ace And Ion’ Print Release

Tara McPherson and The Cotton Candy Machine

Tara McPherson - Lost Constellations - "The Fractioned Second".