11 Wonderfully Weird Photos show the “Humanity Impact on Earth”

Edward Burtynsky’s photograph of the border between the Salt River Pima-Maricopa native American reservation and suburban Scottsdale, Arizona (via citylab)

Propuesta intersecciones Nick Falbo

Nice video showing protected intersections for bicyclists (cars and people).


Riverfront Challenges, illustration from Moscow – Towards a great city for people.

Conoce las propuestas ganadoras del Concurso Espacio Público la Sabana

Conoce las propuestas ganadoras del Concurso Espacio Público la Sabana


The city of Madrid soon plans to add a striking new structure that will “climatically transform” its urban architecture. Designed by Urban Ecosystems, the Air Tree pavilion is to be built from

Cheonggyecheon, Seúl, Corea del Sur, Portada

6 Freeway Removals That Changed Their Cities Forever--- How great if spaces like this were fostered in Detroit!

Nuevo peatonalismo - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

Principles of New Pedestrianism at a street in the renewed city center of Radovish, Republic of Macedonia. Pedestrians are dominant, but there is also place for cars (parked on the left).

Acupuntura urbana - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

Bug Dome by WEAK! in Shenzhen - Urban acupuncture - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Cityscape and Architecture of Paris in Photos | Zsolt Hlinka - Arch2O.com

Fascinated by geometry and symmetry, Hungarian photographer Zsolt Hlinka highlights the lines, shapes, and patterns of Paris in his striking photos of the

urban planning 3d visualisation

Architectural Rendering, Architectural visualisation for the urban design competition Biovelence, Hungary

Les dynamiques spatiales de la gentrification à Paris

Les dynamiques spatiales de la gentrification à Paris

Farshid Moussavi Architecture | Farshid Moussavi

Image 4 of 9 from gallery of Farshid Moussavi Architecture Wins Jardins de la Lironde Competition. Photograph by Farshid Moussavi Architecture


"Futurama," like its cousin "The Simpsons," has an exciting intro. But could it be upgraded from a cartoonish style to a photo-realistic, animated version.

CHARLES RENFRO - Vision and Visuality

CHARLES RENFRO - Vision and Visuality