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brightly lit booths with faces on them in front of palm trees and buildings at night
Creative lights for special events : Product Launch / Corporate Event / Themed Parties ..
a large blue building is in the middle of an indoor area with people walking around
Arquitectura con tela. Una casa al detalle
an abstract photograph of curtains with light coming in from the top and bottom one side
two people standing in front of a wall with blue and white images on it at night
a person is standing in an empty room with neon lines all over the floor and walls
Taller de escultura con Neon “Redibujando el neón” 27-31 Mayo
an abstract painting on the wall in a building with columns and people standing around it
La instalación de Gabriel Dawe usa 100 kms de hilo para recrear nuestro espectro lumínico
a woman laying on top of a black net covered wall next to a window in a building
Redes y mallas: arquitectura para el tiempo libre, el juego y el descanso
a room that has some blue lights in it
Galería de UV-Light, construir espacios tridimencionales con la luz / Jeongmoon Choi - 6
people are walking around in front of an art installation
"Archifest 2016 Pavilion" has been built using construction materials | DP Architects - Arch2O.com