Amazona farinosa

I like this green parrot (macaw?) in flight. Hey if any one out there has a conyure (conure) I'm looking for one.

Ciudad Perdida Parque Nacional del Tayrona Magdalena, Colombia

The "Lost CIty" ruins in the National Park Tayrona. This ancient City is nowadays a favourite Destination for jungle hikes on the Caribbean coast.

Fincas cafeteras en Armenia Colombia

Eje cafetero en Colombia: un viaje con aroma de café

Alfareria, Ráquira, Boyacá

Ráquira, literally "City of Pots" in the Chibcha language, is a municipality and town in Boyacá Department, Colombia.

Taganga, Colombia

Taganga, Colombia - European and American people love to scuba diving there

Capurganá - Colombia

This island remained unnoticed until the slowly it became the favorite travel destination for Colombians. There are no motor vehicles allowed there.