Sierra Nevada Del Guican, Cocuy, Colombia

Sierra Nevada Del Cocuy y Guican is a national park located in the Andes Mountains within the nation of Colombia


Mochila bags are handwoven by The Wayuu Indigenous Women from La Guajira - COLOMBIA

Platanos Calados (Caramelized Plantains) |

Plátanos Calados (Plantains with Brown Sugar Syrup)

Platanos Calados are platains caramelized with brown sugar. Platains are frequently used in the COlombian kitchen, either as a fried salty Snack or in numerous sweet variations.

Mochila bags - Colombia

Colombian sheep wool bags handwoven by Arhuac Indigenous from La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta - COLOMBIA

Cascada eje cafetero, Colombia - One of the most beautiful areas to visit in Colombia is the dense region that produces coffee (Eje Cafetero). Nearly 700 traditional coffee haciendas provide lodging and a glimpse of traditional life, and many offer horseback tours in lush countryside with the Andes as a dramatic backdrop.

Cascada eje cafetero, Colombia - One of the most beautiful areas to visit in…

Yipao. Colombia

Artesania : obras con sello personal

Transporting the recent crafts to the local market - only in Colombia!

Hacienda castilla, Pereira Colombia

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A typical swing that you can find at many of the Colombian Rivers: Little Kids like to Play here, and to be honest, also the adult travelers do!