Northwest Coast Native Artwork

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Native Artwork from the Northwest Coast of North America

Arctic Spirit Gallery
Cedar Bark Gathering Basket by Haida artist Diane Willard. A small walrus ivory fetish carved in the shape of a frog is attached to the handle. Diane lives and works in Ketchikan, AK and is internationally awarded. Native American Baskets, Native American Indians, Basket Weaving, Hand Weaving, Pine Needle Baskets, Great Housewarming Gifts, Pine Needles, Basket Decoration, Weaving Patterns

Cedar Bark Basket, gathering by Diane Willard

cedar bark basket, gathering, Haida, Ketchikan, Alaska, Arctic Spirit Gallery, by diane willard

Cedar Bark Basket with Salmonberry design by Haida artist Diane Willard. Includes a small walrus ivory fetish in the shape of a salmon and a strap. Diane lives in Ketchikan, Alaska and has many awards for her internationally known work Eclectic Baskets, Ketchikan Alaska, Traditional Baskets, Pine Needle Baskets, Berry Baskets, Indigenous Art, Weaving Patterns, Arts And Crafts Movement, Bags

Cedar Bark Basket with Salmonberry designl by Diane Willard

cedar bark basket salmonberry design diane willard Alaskan native art arctic spirit gallery Ketchikan, Alaska

"Killer Whale" Signed and numbered Limited Edition Print by David Boxley, a Tsimshian Alaskan Artist from Metlakatla, Alaska Arte Haida, Haida Art, Native Art, Native American Art, Linocut Prints, Art Prints, Block Prints, Haida Tattoo, Hispanic Art

Killer Whale Print by David Boxley

killer whale david boxley print native art arctic spirit gallery ketchikan alaska

"Frog" signed and numbered limited edition print by David Boxley. David is a Tsimshian Native Artist from Metlakatla, Alaska. Haida Kunst, Inuit Kunst, Inuit Art, Native Symbols, Native Art, Tribal Art, Tribal Prints, Art Prints, Native American Print

Frog Print by David Boxley

frog Limited Edition Print by david boxley Tsimshiam native art Metlakatla arctic spirit ketchikan alaska