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an empty room with wooden beams and white sink in the center is surrounded by wood flooring
Leibal — K House
K House is a minimalist residence designed by Japan-based architect Kitamura Naoya Architects. The site is just past a small alley surrounded by residential areas. The client requested a one-story house for four family members. Therefore, the architect wanted to create a space where one could feel diversity and expansion without feeling darkness. In this house, the pillars are built every 1.82 m, and space is divided loosely to make the limited space diverse.
an empty stage with blue curtains and plants on the floor, in front of a red backdrop
Dimore Studio
an empty stage set with chairs and lights
an open book with drawings and text on the cover, in which there are images of buildings
Portfólio de Arquitetura
the inside of a building with many tables and chairs around it, including several windows
Poinçon | Que faire à Alésia, Paris
a set of stairs with green seats on each side and steps up to the bottom
MARATHON MIT 5 STUFEN Modulares System für Metallbühne und -tribüne By SELVOLINA
a woman sitting at a table working on a laptop in a room with blue and green walls
CL28 Monash University Learning Spaces / Kennedy Nolan Architects
The ‘Centrally Managed Teaching and Maths Learning Centre’ (CL28) is a series of formal and informal learning spaces within an existing building at Monash University. The informal spaces were to offer flexible and social spaces that facilitate student engagement; places to encourage learning, creativity, collaboration and engagement with community and industry.
two yellow chairs sitting on top of a stage next to a table and chair set
BIRO unveils concept store built on the philosophy of 'slow-shopping'
an empty room with yellow curtains and a chair
Solio von Création Baumann | STYLEPARK
Solio - Designer Flächenvorhänge von Création Baumann ✓ Umfangreiche Infos zum Produkt & Design ✓ Kataloge ➜ Lassen Sie sich jetzt inspirieren
the room is filled with different colored partitions
Do Ho Suh: Passage/s at Bildmuseet, Umeå, Sweden
a room filled with lots of green partitions on top of cement floor next to white walls
do ho suh at frieze art fair new york 2013
three tall blue sculptures in an empty room
Installations — MIMI JUNG
a person standing in front of an open window with different colored curtains hanging from it
LDF london design festival 2016: raw color present playful experiments at aram gallery
multiple images of different colors and shapes in an art gallery
an empty restaurant with tables, chairs and drums on the stage in front of it
Live Music at Ole Red
an empty room with tables, chairs and a television on the wall in front of it
the interior of a restaurant with tables, chairs and projection screen in front of it
an indoor skate park with tables and chairs
Skatecafe | BarsBars
the inside of a cement structure with yellow and black squares on it's sides
an office cubicle with two desks and a plant