Cestas trapillo

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Chaveiro Borboleta de crochê com fio de malha 🦋 Lembrancinha para festas
a hand holding up a knitted reindeer head with red nose and antlers on it
Cachepô Rena Rudolph
a white and black wall hanging with a smiling skeleton face on it's side
Designs by Kim Haycook
two pink knitted baskets with faces on them
a crocheted basket with a white and pink dog face on the front side
a small crocheted mouse is held up in front of the camera with its eyes wide open
a crocheted basket with a chicken face on it next to an egg holder
a crocheted basket with an image of a chicken on it and eggs in the nest
a hand holding a pink purse with flowers on it
Cesto Margarida
a hand holding scissors in a knitted cup with an image of a chicken on it
a crocheted llama with flowers on it's head sitting next to cactuses
Decorando Tarros con Fundas de Crochet
a crocheted cup and saucer sitting on top of a table
15 Proyectos que puedes TEJER CON TRAPILLO o Totora a Crochet 🍵