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a living room with a large flat screen tv on top of a wooden entertainment center
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the table is set for halloween dinner with pumpkins
A Happy Halloween Tablescape — Whispers of the Heart
a painted dresser with flowers on top in front of a gray wall and wooden floor
*SOLD* I'm really liking these shades of deep berry pink lately if you can't tell! This time I paired it with a dirty white, dark stained…
black flowers with the title 10 of the best black plants to get up your garden
10 of the Boldest Black Plants to Goth Up Your Garden
If you want to add drama to your garden, look no further than this dark trend. People are using black plants to create natural borders around their flower beds and sprinkle in stunning contrast.
two skeletons are in the yard playing with a stick
DIY Skeleton Lawn Decor for Halloween
Instructions for how to pose a set of skeletons in your yard for Halloween!
a living room filled with furniture and pillows
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Image by Sherilynn
an old dresser with two mirrors on it's top and purple paint applied to the drawers