When you finally open up a coffee shop

Coffee and pastries by day, wine and live music by night. Books and records decorate this coffee shop. Name still unknown. This shop will have a variety of…
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a tall white building sitting on the side of a street
pinterest ~ laurensdream
the inside of a restaurant with lots of counter space and chandelier hanging from the ceiling
a table and chairs in a room with plants on the wall, lights hanging from the ceiling
6 Tips to Designing a Stylish Unique Cafe Experience - L' Essenziale
6 Tips to Designing a Stylish Unique Cafe Experience
an apartment building with ivy growing on it's side and people crossing the street
Fall in NYC
the interior of a restaurant with graffiti painted on the walls and ceiling, along with large windows
a cat sitting on top of a green table in front of a glass wall with an open window
CARE PARTNER咖啡&酒吧,成都 / 一展设计
CARE PARTNER咖啡&酒吧,成都 / 一展设计 - 谷德设计网
an outdoor area with benches and trees at night