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I created this board because I love my microwave heating pad. When I looked them up and I came across these I just pinned them. I thought that each of them are unique and that is why I pinned them. Ann

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Heating pads (I like that this has ideas of what to fill them with)
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How To Make A Microwave Heating Bag

Instead of using electric heat pads & blankets or hot water bottles for your aches and pains, these microwaveable packs are just the ticket! They're known by a few different terms such as: bed buddies, stress busters, rice or magic bags, corn cozies--but they're basically all the same thing. These…

Rice Shoulder Heating Pad, with Lavender tutorial!
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Homemade heating pad - I make a "corn bag" with an inner bag made out of muslin, filled with field corn, then sewn together. Then an outer bag made out of flannel that slips over the corn bag like a pillow case. You can heat it in the microwave for 3 minutes, and the field corn holds the heat for quite a long time compared to rice or beans. Perfect for aching muscles, cramps, etc.
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Homemade Heating Pad

Here's a Good Thing that will be useful after a long, hard day at work: a homemade heating pad using dried cherry pits.

How to make Heating pads. These would be great for Christmas gifts.
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How to make a Rice Bag Heating Pad TUTORIAL
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How to make a Rice Bag Heating Pad TUTORIAL

A few years ago, I had a knee operation for the osteoarthritis in my knee. One of the things that really helped when it was hurting was heat. Electric heating pads are okay but not very portable. At that time, a coworker of my husbands made him a rice pack to give me to put on my knee. Heat it up for a few minutes i the microwave and presto!Instant heat. I loved it! Economical and green! Perfect. Since that time, I have made several of these in different sizes and have given them to family…

$34.95 + 6.95 shipping and handling for a total of $41.90 - Heat pad designed specifically for a woman with fibro. Must get myself one. I definitely need one!!
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Heating Pad Rice Heating Pad for Neck Shoulder Back | Etsy

Heating Pad, Flax and Rice Heating Pad, Microwave Heat Pack, unique for Neck Shoulder Back. Microwave Heat Pack used for hot or cold. We call it the NSB. A few feedbacks about the NSB... Excellent heating pad! Best design pattern Ive had during 20 years of using heating pads. Absolutely wonderful

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Extra Long Neck Wrap is a Microwave Heating Pad or Cold Pack. Heat Pack Neck Warmer measures 28" x 5" and is filled with flaxseed and rice. 20.95  - inspire
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Thumb Wrap for Texting, Gaming, Overuse - Cold or Heat Pack for Sore Thumb Writs - Carpal Tunnel Tendonitis
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Heat Pack Hand Mitts, Microwave Heating Pads for Hands, Heat Up Mitts for Arthritis RA

Pair of Heat Pack Hand Mitts warm in the microwave bringing healing relief to those suffering with Arthrits, Reynaud's Syndrome and others with hand, finger and wrist pain. Hand Mitts can also be stored in the freezer and used as cold packs for in...

Heat Pack Knee Wrap, Elbow Arm Microwave Heating Pad, purple paisley. $28.95, via Etsy.

Heat Pack Knee Wrap Elbow Arm Microwave Heating Pad purple | Etsy

Heat Pack Knee Wrap, Elbow or Arm Microwave Heating Pad Great little heat pack or cold pack wrap for knees, arms, elbows, etc... Straps hold heating pad or cooling pad in place (not for upright movement). Measures approx. 8" x 10", filled with rice and flax. 1-2 minutes in the microwave for soothing heat or a few hours in the freezer for to use as an ice pack We design and make an entire line of Heat Packs, Cold Packs and Gift Sets - check out our entire product line here! enter shop here…

Scented Microwavable Rice Filled Heating Pad. $12.50, via Etsy.
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Scented Microwavable Rice Filled Heating Pad Fall and Winter | Etsy

Soft, cozy flannel filled with rice and scented with essential oils (Lavender, Pine, Lilac or Chamomile) these microwavable heating pads will wrap you in warmth and ease your aches and pains. Or keep them in the freezer to use as a portable cold pack. The rice is arranged in 3 channels to keep it evenly distributed and conforms perfectly wherever you need it. A soft flannel handle on both ends makes them easy to carry, and arrange just where you want them. Just the right length to…

Wrap Around Bandage DIY Microwave Heating Pad
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Wrap Around Bandage DIY Microwave Heating Pad

This large band aid Microwavable heating pad measures 20″ x 6″ when finished but could be scaled down if your not quite that achy. Also I am not a 50 ft giant.

Microwave Heating Pad for Neck Shoulder Back
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Microwave Heating Pad Rice Heating Pad for Neck Shoulder Back | Etsy

Microwave Heating Pad for Neck Shoulder Back, Microwavable Heat Pad. ***Scroll through photos to see 3 size choices and 10 fabric choices. Excellent heating pad! Best design pattern Ive had during 20 years of using heating pads. Absolutely wonderful, thank you! Great comfort and truly does cover

SnuggleSafe heatpad can be used anywhere with ease, indoors or out. The warmth lasts all day or all night, either at home or when travelling. It is fantastic for sick, elderly or pets kept outdoors with its hygienic wipe clean surface should accidents happen.
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Heating Pad  Snuggles Microwavable Corn Bag  by SoapfullyGood, $8.95

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Heating Pad Snuggles Microwavable Corn Bag by SoapfullyGood, $8.95

Gray Cat Microwave Heating Pad

Cozy Cat Bed & Body Warmer provides soothing warmth in winter

This Cozy Cat Bed & Body Warmer is microwaveable, will warm you up & help you feel better. Warm your hands or feet, relax a stiff back, ease menstrual cramps, leg cramps, and more. Heat therapy is one of the oldest natural remedies for aches and pains. Corn-filled, it does not have any added perfumes or scents. It is made in Maine with high quality US made fabrics, has a washable cover, is portable, and safe. This Cozy Cat is truly a lasting value. Order online or call to order. …