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Beautiful Medellin -

Beautiful Medellin -

Medellin airport, Jose Maria Cordova.

You are going to come to Medellín, Colombia?The international airport José Maria Cordova is probably where you will arrive!

Medellin, Columbia Flower Festival

Silleteros at the Medellin Flower Festival - Flower Vendors

Piedra de Penol- Medellin

The Rock of Guatapé Antioquia, Colombia Where are they going? The rock is a stone monolith 220 metres high. The steps are constructed with cement, directly on the rock, making use of a natural cleavage. 702 steps must be climbed to reach the peak.

Pueblito paisa, Medellin

Pueblito Viejo in Medellín, Colombia. On top of one of the hill of the city you can find the little paisa village. Colonial architecture, typical food and amazing views over the city!