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a white bath tub sitting next to a walk in shower
Bathroom design inspiration
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Bathroom Wallpaper DIY
Here’s me turning my frustration into fascination: Installing wallpaper can feel like a mental challenge, but here's my secret weapon – positive self-talk! 🌈✨ Even when I don't feel it, saying these words becomes my mantra, transforming challenges into stepping stones. Remember, a little positive chatter can go a long way in making every task, no matter how daunting, a rewarding experience.
Bathroom Remodel
Welcome to 'The Home Therapy House’ where design meets tranquility! My clients didn't just hire me for a pretty space; they wanted Home Therapy tools to boost serenity, communication, and overall happiness. In the primary bathroom, I sprinkled some magic with my go-to design ideas that you can totally steal for your next renovation. Consider this your design prescription for a blissful bathroom retreat!
Cleaning Aesthetic Sunday Reset
I’m gonna be real with you, I love watching the clean aesthetic Sunday reset videos but over here at my house, it is the raw and unedited. While Instagram often showcases picture-perfect aesthetics, my Sundays are about realigning home design spaces that truly matter for our family's harmony. For me, the fridge, kitchen sink, and bathrooms are non-negotiable reset zones. These spaces set the tone for a successful week ahead - decluttering the chaos and nurturing a soothing environment.
Bath Aesthetic
Feeling the holiday rush already? I haven’t even set up my holiday decorations or tree yet! Instead, it’s been a whirlwind of driving my kids around town to their activities, leaving me arriving home exhausted with no time for dinner - and I was absolutely famished! Honestly though all I craved was a warm, soothing bath. Then, a light bulb moment: ‘Girl dinner!’ My quick go-to? A delicious Banh Mi sandwich! What’s your ultimate go-to for a quick and satisfying girl dinner? #girldinner
a white toilet sitting next to a bath tub under a window in a bathroom with blue tiles on the walls
When a Starter House Becomes a “Forever Home”
When a Starter House Becomes a “Forever Home” | Rue
a kitchen with wooden cabinets and white counter tops, along with a stool in front of the sink
Anita Yokota on Instagram: "Exciting news! The @rejuvenation Holiday Weekend Sale continues now thro
Exciting news! The @rejuvenation Holiday Weekend Sale continues now through Tuesday, 11/29 with up to 50% off and FREE shipping! :clap:This includes discounts on some products used in my recent projects, like the Rigdon Sconces in the bathroom and the Blair Pendants in the kitchen, as shown in these photos. I get a lot of questions about these beautiful, timeless pieces and now you can get them for yourself while saving $$! So tell me, what are you adding to your cart?
a bathroom with a shower head, mirror and soap dispenser on the wall
Gorgeous Niche Design
Gorgeous Niche Design Moro photos about this stunning Moroccan Inspired Bathroom are in the link below.
an arched doorway leads to a bedroom with a bed in the background and a shower head
All the Inspiration I've been Gathering for Our Ensuite Bathroom Renovation
a white bath tub sitting under a window next to a rug on the side of a wall
a bathroom with wooden walls and tile flooring, shower head and shelf above the toilet
Sparrow Design Company - Olympia Interior Designer
Sparrow Design Company | Spa like bathroom. Wood tile inspiration
a bathroom with a shower and a plant in the corner
Family Escape - At Home in Arkansas | Home, House interior, Decor