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LOOK - DANVILLE HAUNTED HOUSE! Haunted House on Millionaire's Row, Danville, Virginia - In Charles M. Sublett built this dream house for his bride Jennie. High Victorian Gothic style, it is historically significant, but nevertheless in ruins. Abandoned Buildings, Old Abandoned Houses, Old Buildings, Abandoned Places, Old Houses, Abandoned Castles, Abandoned Belgium, Spooky Places, Haunted Places


DANVILLE VA: MILLIONAIRES' ROW: THE CHARLES M. SUBLETT HOUSE: This architectural fantasy of a dream house was built in 1874 by Mr. Sublett for his bride, the former Jennie Cosby. This house, a rare example of a fully developed mansion in the High Victorian Gothic Style, boasts rich details such as the pointed arched windows, corbeled cornices, finials and corner engaged columns. Dominating the composition is a 3 1/2 story central tower with a wedge-like Chatequesque roof. A…

catacombs # (by manuel cristaldi) This photo of Rosalia Lombardo was taken in Why is that interesting? She was the last person buried in the catacombs of the Capuchin Monastery 64 years before this photo was taken, in Memento Mori, The Catacombs, Post Mortem Photography, After Life, Haunted Places, Interesting History, Titanic, Old Photos, Aliens

catacombs # 3....

palermo may 1984 - sicily "catacombe dei cappuccini" - rosalia lombardo - " the sleeping beauty" - little girl mummified - 2 years old - best ........ View On Black feel free to visit my web site reply with dark © All rights reserved. Use without permission is illegal

Creepy places that have experienced many disappearances. Unexplained Phenomena, Unexplained Mysteries, Creepy Stories, Ghost Stories, Paranormal, Ufo, Atlantis, The Babadook, Mystery Of History

5 Mysterious (Yet Real) Places That Science Can't Explain

If you thought haunted houses were creepy, think again. These five mysterious places should all probably be avoided, as they're linked with quite a few supernatural occurrences to say the least. However, none of these can top the Bermuda Triangle. Some notable incidents there include: The Avenger pl

The Spanish Donkey is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list The Most Horrific Types of Medieval Torture Blog Nerd, Terre Plate, Mundo Dos Games, The Crow, Maleficarum, Dark Ages, Interesting History, Middle Ages, Creepy

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Barney (born and his older brother Hiram were two mentally impaired… Old Photos, Vintage Photos, Creepy, Human Oddities, Arte Horror, Vintage Circus, Interesting History, Historical Photos, Carnival

Barney (born 1827) and his older brother Hiram were two mentally impaired dwarves who were born and raised on an Ohio farm. Despite their tiny size:said to stand 4o inches and weigh 45 lbs. Farm labor had made them strong, endowing them with the ability to lift heavy weights (up to 300 lbs) They were given the stage names Waino and Plutanor, two gentlemen from the exotic land of Borneo. Years later, they were hired for P.T. Barnum’s travelling shows. Hiram passed way in 1905; Barney in…

Stop and stare: 'Big-footed' Fanny Mills (left) most likely had Milroy's Disease which caused leg swelling. Anne Leek, the armless lady, joined a freak show to earn a living Paranormal, Freak Show Circus, Sideshow Freaks, Human Oddities, Circus Performers, Glamour Shots, Vintage Circus, Vintage Pictures, American Horror

Glamour shots of carnival "freaks" of the 1800s were oddly touching

Throughout his career, Charles Eisenmann photographed thousands of sideshow performers seeking portraits for their résumés to send to carnival and circus publicists. These pictures oscillate between amusing ("the educated horse!") and bittersweet (there's something terrifically morbid about a man marketing his massively distended colon). But when you had a bad case of hypertrichosis (like Jojo The Dog-Faced Boy) or Milroy's disease (like giant-footed Fanny Mills, above), career options…

The Haunted Mafia Mansion The Haunted Mafia Mansion « South Florida Urban Exploration Related posts:Andrew Moore - Organ Screen, Detroit, 200819 Haunting Images Of Abandoned Places From Around The WorldInside Old Abandoned Mansions Abandoned Buildings, Abandoned Mansion For Sale, Abandoned Property, Old Abandoned Houses, Haunted Mansion, Abandoned Mansions, Old Buildings, Abandoned Places, Old Houses

The Haunted Mafia Mansion

Back in early 2007 I discovered a true hidden gem in my own backyard. It seems that back in the late 80's there was a notorious mafia Don that lived and worked out of a huge mansion in Davie, Florida. By the time 1990 rolled around the Feds had enough evidence to capture the Don…

Meet Rosa Violetta (Aloisia Wagner) whom was a sideshow performer in the early Having a talent for singing, using her rather odd appearance, she gained work in various sideshow acts flaunting both her voice and her looks. Old Circus, Vintage Circus, Circus Acts, Paranormal, Ringling Brothers, Sideshow Freaks, Human Oddities, Circus Performers, Foto Real

Aloisia Wagner

Misses Aloisia Wagner (born, 1906/1907 - ????), also known as "Rosa Violetta," and performed professionally as "Violetta" was born in Hemelingen, Germany without arms or legs. When Wagner was 15 years old, she started performing in sideshows. She came to the United states in 1924 when she was 17...

So, you thought. <<<< Imagine if aliens went to actual Australia. this thing terrifies me i go to beaches in australia and i do not touch the bottom or any rocks underwater because of how scared i am of this monstrosity The More You Know, Good To Know, Scared Of Spiders, Wtf Fun Facts, Odd Facts, Strange Facts, Creepy Facts, Strange Things, Random Facts

Random Funny Pictures - 72 Pics

Australia may be beautiful, but the more I read about what lurks there......I think I'll pass!

Three-legged woman - Mutter Museum, Philadelphia Hereso Jackson/ American Horror Story Freak Show Creepy Photos, Bizarre Pictures, Human Oddities, Crime, Medical History, Vintage Circus, Weird And Wonderful, American Horror Story, Horror Stories

Circus Freaks and Human Oddities- The Human Marvels

Some call them circus freaks, human oddities and monsters - but they are truly human marvels.

freak show. Living half lady on a swing Vintage Carnival, Vintage Circus, Freak Show Circus, Old Circus, Circus Clown, Mime, Sideshow Freaks, Human Oddities, Carnival Rides


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The Grauballe Man- In explorers where walking in Grauballe, Denmark when they stumbled across a peat bog which they thought had an animal trapped inside. Upon closer inspection, they discovered that the bog was in fact the final resting place of a pe Bog Body, Scary, Creepy, Mystery Of History, Interesting History, Ancient History, Archaeology, Weird, Helsinki

The Grauballe Man was found on the 26th of April 1952, near the village of Grauballe, Denmark. He was discovered by men cutting peat for fuel about three feet below the surface of the ground. When they were digging one of the workers, Tage Busk Sørensen, stuck his spade into something that he immediately knew was not peat; he noticed the red hair pupping up and realised he had found the head of a human body.

An extremely odd and creepy museum found in Paris is filled with real-life examples of medical abnormalities. super interessant altijd, jammer dat het niet in de buurt is. Aliens, Human Oddities, Historia Natural, Human Body Parts, Unexplained Phenomena, Weird Science, Mad Science, Vintage Medical, Cryptozoology

An extremely odd and creepy museum found in Paris is filled with real-life examples of medical abnormalities. The Musee Dupuytren was opened in 1835 by a celebrated Parisian anatomist and surgeon who collected diseased and malformed fetuses, skeletons, and human organs. This ghastly collection, which contains 6,000 items, includes liquid filled jars containing deformed human body parts, conjoined twins, and babies that were born with exposed internal organs. Etc.

Japanese Horror Story: The Torture of Junko Furuta - this story gave me nightmares. This poor woman suffered more than any human being. Paranormal, Japanese Horror, Evil People, Creepy People, Serial Killers, True Crime, Look At You, Call Her, Horror Stories -&nbspthecontroversialfiles Resources and Information.

LIBRARY OF MOST CONTROVERSIAL FILES: Japanese Horror Story: The Torture of Junko Furuta