Encuentra las mejores uñas decoradas para pies, no te pierdas esta increíble galería con diseños y diferentes figuras de uñas para estés a la moda.

Hey my beautiful ladies! There are so many versatile nail design ideas, depending on the colors, patterns or themes you used, as well as depending on the season of the year. Each day manicure artists come up with a different idea… Read more ›

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uñas de atrapasueños ,   http://decoratefacil.com/unas-decoradas-con-mandalas/

uñas de atrapasueños , http://decoratefacil.com/unas-decoradas-con-mandalas/

Lace nails

Freehand lace nails recreation of some nails I did last year. Tutorial later Products used: 'less wine, more wine' 'nu' Berry wine brush set Black acrylic paint Dotting Tool

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Trendy Manicure in Fall Nail Colors 2017 Inspired by Pantone ★ See more: https://naildesignsjournal.com/fall-nails-inspired-colors/ #nails

Trendy Manicures in Fall Nails Colors 2018 Inspired by Pantone

Trendy Manicure in Fall Nail Colors 2017 Inspired by Pantone ★ See more:

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