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Angela Hernandez
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“Honey Lemon” by Jin Kim* Expression Sheet

Great character design by Nazar Noschenko. My visualisation of Bell by Julio Cesar. Concept here. Related

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〽️ Te va a destruir de la manera mas bella. Y cuando se vaya finalmente entenderás por qué los huracanes tienen nombres de personas

You'll destroy the most beautiful way. And when you leave finally understand why hurricanes are named after people

Take Your Bike and Go on Behance

Take Your Bike and Go by Roberto Juárez Bicycle bike cycle sykkel bicicleta vélo bicicletta rad racer wheels illustration posters graphics design biking ride cycling riding

Title: Cheers!  Name: Carlos Ortega Elizalde  Country: Mexico  Software: Maya, mental ray, Photoshop    PinUp created on my free time as a virtual new year postcard, it may be kind of a cliche but winter is my favourite season and it always puts me in a good mood, anyway, best wishes to all the CGSociety community! have a great year.

Almost the end of the year and still looking for inspiration? Let's have a look to the art of Carlos Ortega Elizalde, including above a time lapse of 'A St

Eye Zbrush

Look at this tutorial as well. "Make an Eye in Zbrush".

строения, домики, игры by Pavel Pro, via Behance

❤ ❤ leaf leaf collection to the scene reference

Concept art Go King on Behance

A series of images used within the game GoKing, that could easily be adapted into simple props. The style of these pieces with their odd angles work well together in their environment (Gutierrez.

Toms Tumblings

The three scenes are contrasting to each other, showing variation between the landscapes, so younger members of the audience can clearly define different locations.

Despicable Me 2, por Guillon e Griselain

Mais artes de Despicable Me por Guillon e Griselain