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Trust breeds betrayal. People can smile behind their teeth, and it's a dog eat dog world; some people have bigger teeth than you do. So, don't go trusting people so easily 'cause they appear to be "nice" people.

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I am in this state of mind. I just have to remind myself of it everyday. No regression! Only forward-moving. Time to take the scissors of life and CUT the loose ends.

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You too know how hard it can be to change, don’t you? Grow and see what strength you can find in the experience. What are you telling yourself each day? Is it good? You probably don’t remember to ...

These are the words and the phrase that we must use to keep us going to be as creativity as one may be. Now Quotes, Words Quotes, Life Quotes, Sayings, Wisdom Quotes, Breakup Quotes, Daily Quotes, Funny Quotes, Relationship Quotes

#Words - Sometimes what you're most afraid of doing is the very thing that will set you free.