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The Robins in Anime form. Love it! I LOVE THE ROBINS... Although Damian is actually pretty annoying... But take me to the place where this is real Superbat, Young Justice, Tim Drake Batman, Batman Comics, Batman Y Superman, Batman Robin, Bats, Night Wing, Red Hood

Bad Ass Batkids!

Anime style Robins from Batman. Dick Grayson aka Nightwing, Jason Todd aka The Red Hood, Tim Drake aka Red Robin and Damian Wayne aka Robin.

StarFire and Raven - teen-titans Photo Starfire And Raven, Teen Titans Starfire, Beastboy And Raven, Geek Culture, Bbrae, Raven Teen Titans Cosplay, Teen Titans Costumes, Star Fire Teen Titans, Teen Titans Go

StarFire and Raven

StarFire and Raven - teen-titans Photo Yup, that's definitely their personalities. Well, maybe BB should be Tigger.

Raven from Teen Titans. I remember watching this show when I was really little. good times :) Raven From Teen Titans, Teen Titans Raven Costume, Teen Titans Costumes, Teen Titans Love, Teen Titans Cosplay, Original Teen Titans, Bbrae, Raven Superhero, Raven Comics

If your a fan of old teen titans take this quiz to find which Tenn Titans Match you. Story Leading the Teen Titans to protect Earth is Robin, forme rly Batman’s sidekick. He has no special pow…

You are Here --> Page 2 A little comic I've been working on... The colouring took forever, which is why I hardly colour my comics. But I've been practising my colouring skills in hopes of gettin... Teen Titans Love, Original Teen Titans, Raven Beast Boy, Young Justice, Bbrae, Dc Heroes, Marvel Dc Comics, Dc Universe, Smoothie

I have had a lot of bbrae feels with a certain theme so guess what I'm doing because there is literally no fanart or comic for this theme that I could find bb rae cy(C)DC comics glen murakam.

Teen Titans: Gender Bend by ArtCrawl on DeviantArt Teen Titans Robin, Teen Titans Starfire, Teen Titans Love, Original Teen Titans, Teen Titans Cyborg, Raven Teen Titans Cosplay, Raven Cosplay, Beastboy And Raven, Starfire And Raven

Teen Titans: Gender Bend by ArtCrawl on DeviantArt I like this a lot. They still look like themselves and the girls weren't just randomly given ridiculous short skirts to make them look more "feminine"

Tumblr: laryndawn.tumblr.com/post/9475… Anon was having a crappy time and asked if I had any BBRae or doodles lying about. Luckily I had this drafted last night, so I cleaned it up a bi... Teen Titans Love, Teen Titans Outfits, Original Teen Titans, Raven Beast Boy, No Taizai, Beastboy And Raven, Hades Disney, Dc Universe, Robin

B: "It's okay, I won't let them hurt you anymore" R: "T-Thank you, Beast Boy" *sobs hugging him*・I love this

Ugly Christmas Sweaters- TT by Ceshira on deviantART Bbrae, Teen Titans Go, Justice League, Dc Universe, Beast Boy, Young Justice, Batman, Spiderman, Robin

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