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This piece of art has been created by Malvina, who works as a tattoo artist at Scratchline Tattoo, Kentish Town. She specialises in geometric and graphic tattoo styles Her Specialities include Tattoo Art, Geometric, Graphic, Black, Grey, Red, Birds, Skulls

Life Tattoo

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Sun rework

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Tattoos for me

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a black and white tattoo design on the side of a woman's breast,
Side tattoo
a drawing of an arrow with flames on it
an image of the back of a man's torso with barbed wire on it
a woman's foot with a small tree tattoo on the lower part of her leg
50 Gorgeous and Meaningful Tree Tattoos Inspired by Nature's Path - KickAss Things
Sunflower Tattoo 7 Cute Tattoos, Pretty Tattoos
Sunflower Tattoo 7
a drawing of a sunflower with an arrow on it's side and some leaves
Half design flower
a woman's arm with a sunflower and the words, i love you
Sunflower tattoo with daughter’s handwriting