Great card design and use of screen ... nice little interaction as well.

Card Payments

Test project for an app used to accept credit card payments. Simply enter the card details and the amount to charge.

Use of barcode

Access Pass

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Another mobile banking wallet thing. Nice designed, though many of these sites are starting to look the same - like they were all made in a wordpress theme. I don't understand why sections down the page need to be numbered.

A little more of a membership ...

Wunderkit iPhone App - Pro Member Card

A little more of a membership .


Client V Card

This is a client v-card we'll use for our new CRM app. The photo on the background is just to illustrate the v-card's semi transparent 'plastic'.

Nice and simple.

FTW Card.

Screen shot 2012 08 08 at am

The flip of starbucks card.

Starbucks Rolls Out Nationwide Pay-by-Phone Service

LOVE the blue on this card.

Hotel Discount/Travel Card

LOVE the blue on this card.

Nice little "holder"

id card, Color vs B&W

Nice little "holder"

More ideas