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four different movie posters with the names of each character in one image and an image of two
Supernatural Stuff (Supernatural Ships)
the cast and crew of tv series friends
a van parked next to a car on a wet parking lot with the words, i don't know what happened but
Happy's Queen 👑 - Authors Note
Dean Winchester, Sherlock, Best Supernatural Quotes, Sherlock Quotes, Supernatural Tv Show
You humming Metallica? | Scattered Quotes
two men talking to each other with the caption that says, you're four years older than me dean
15 Hilarious Supernatural Memes That'll Make You Sad The Show Is Ending
Scene from Supernatural:
(Bela stole the Impala...)
Bela Talbot: Look, just stay out of my way before you cause any more trouble. I'd get to that car if I were you... before they find the arsenal in the trunk. Ciao. (leaves)
Dean Winchester: Can I shoot her?
Sam Winchester: Not in public. Vampires, Supernatural Funny Quotes
Dean Winchester: Can I shoot her?
two men sitting at a table in front of a laptop computer with food on it
Imagines Supernatural ♡ [Reescrevendo]
two mugs that have been placed in front of each other with the same person behind them
an image of the movies that have been released in 2009 - 2013, including supernatural and supernatural