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Pink Floyd - Wot’s… Uh The Deal (Official Music Video)

#LiamGallagher #Oasis

#LiamGallagher #Oasis

Dude's a creep. Floor is filthy, but after the "healing" he berates you for the mess "you" made of it, demanding you lick up all melted slugs and salt--even spills that were too caked-on to be freshly melted slugs, stuff that took long mouth-work to moisten loose. But he refuses to untie you until it's done. Not the kind of place I associate with reputable alternative healing--what he advertised as an "energy cleansing ritual." I wouldn't have set foot inside, if not for how badly I deserved…

I suppose it all started when I first tried my “Alternative Healer.” Lately I’ve felt the need for some kind of…spiritual realignment, let’s say, a way to purify myself of the sinister suggestions winding ‘round my psyche that keep getting harder to.

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