Raquira, Colombia

COLOMBIA: Raquira *No better place to buy textiles in central Colombia. Stop on the drive between Bogota and Villa de Leyva.

Granadilla  La reina de las digestivas. Se sabor incomparable.

Fruit from colombia: Granadilla, it is not Passion fruit but it is from the same family. There are many varieties

FRUTAS TIPICAS COLOMBIANAS! Columbia is very famous for their large varieties of fruits. Fruits are avaliable everywhere. Many, many street vendors with fruit carts and juices.

Typical fruits from Colombia! Colombia is very famous for its variety of fruits. You can get fruits everywhere. There is no supermarket close to you? Probably you can get your vitamins from a street stand as well!

Cholao from Cali - Colombia

Cholado -- These are DELISH! Cholado or Raspao is a cold beverage common in Colombia. It is made from crushed ice, fruit and/or fruit syrup, sweetened condensed milk, and is sometimes topped with whipped cream.