Andrea Lugo Quesada

Andrea Lugo Quesada

Andrea Lugo Quesada
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Milk Art A plate Milk Food Coloring Dish Soap Fill the plate with a thin layer of milk. Next, put in drops of food coloring. Then, add a few drops of dish soap into the center of the food coloring, sit back, and watch!

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I loved doing this in art class. Art With Mr. E: Line Design w/Shading - Grade Very cool, fun art shading project from Art With Mr. E. he's an elementary art specialist. Try this with your kids (but I think grown ups would enjoy this too).

Have a crafty tween or teen? Check out Craft-tastic for modern craft kits that are fast and fun for ages With our string art kit, simply push pins into canvases and string away! Use our patterns, or design your own. Craft-tastic kits make the perfect

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